1. J

    Better Than Nothing, Or Is It: First Time Grow On The Cheap

    So while I have some growing experience, it's been a while and I've never grown from seed. I had a few laying around and was bored, so I decided to see what i can or can't do. I literally have no budget for this, just a couple of bucks here and there. So the challenge is to use whatever I can...
  2. M

    400v light

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me if I need a special type of light socket to run a 400v bulb and ballast or can I use my usual reflector?
  3. Slinks

    Advanced Lighting & Heat Questions

    Yo yo, I was told that measuring the temperature of your grow directly in the light doesn't give a true reading so now I always measure on the edge of a shadey spot. However I have no real ideas if this is even true and if it is does anyone know why? As the leaves and buds are directly in...
  4. B

    Dual bulb hood?

    Hi guys. I am relatively new to growing. Have about 5 Indoor and 2 outdoor grows under my belt. My question is about my lights. When I upgraded to a huge air cooled hood. Barely fits in my 3.5x3.5 tent. I modified it to run dual bulbs with two separate ballistis. It's works great...
  5. C

    Would this bulb be good as an additional light? Solved

    Evening guys. I'm looking for a bulb that would let me add some light to the lowest parts of my growbox, so the lower tops may yield better. And I found this bulb. My tent is 40cm x 40cm x 120cm (or 1.31 feet x 1.31 feet x 3.93 feet). Here is one of the recent pics And now that I...
  6. L

    CMH question

    I have an extra 600W ballast and hood sitting around that I want to add into my grow room. I need to buy a bulb for it as I only have a spare 400w hps. I am curious is my ballast able to operate a cmh bulb, and if so what kind would I need? I was at my hydro store today and I was told that there...
  7. G

    2nd grow ever 30 day checkup - Auto CBD Sin Trabajo

    My previous grow was quite poor. This time I nailed my temp 78F, humidity 55-70%, and ph 5.8-6 in coco and perlite. I'm using a 4 bulb T5 with 3 bulbs 3000K and 1 bulb 6000K. I stuck another 6000K portable bulb a week ago to help out a little. Using around 500ppm on the florabloom nutrient...
  8. PlantWrestler

    Abandoned HPS Bulb Explodes - I Plant A Seed In It - A Unique Take On A Solo Cup

    This idea came to me after I was awoken by a loud exposive kaboom to find that my hps bulb had exploded. I like to be positive so when life gives me lemons I make lemonade!. So I have these old old seeds ,mystery seeds really ,gifted to me by an Indian friend of mine ,I thought why not...
  9. cbgb

    Hot pot help

    hey 420 peeps , cfl grow ! strain : la kush x purple punch fem how do i make a comeback from "hot pot / hot soil" ,the 3 seedlings are only a couple weeks old the ambient temp of the small grow area is about 75 degrees f ... if anyone has some ideas i would appreciate it ... .. got a...
  10. Red Devil1990

    New grower need a lil' help

    i just brought my plant inside to start 12/12 cycle but im using a halogen bulb but would i be better to use a cfl bulb .....trying to do on da cheap aswel sense its my first grow...any help would b great
  11. TorturedSoul

    Do HPS Bulbs Age When NOT Used?

    I have a 400-watt HPS bulb around here somewhere. It was only used for a relatively short time (I'd estimate less than 200 hours - but certainly less than 400). At that point, I shut down and packed it away. That was several years ago. Can I reasonably expect this bulb to perform as well as it...
  12. C

    This may sound stupid

    But if you had a 600w dimmable ballast (660/600/400/250) and had a 600w hps bulb installed but dimmed to 400w would this bulb run hotter than a 400w if installed and on the same setting ?
  13. curley wurley

    Plant and Aquarium Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb

    I need a little schooling or clarification on this particular light source. Philips 4 ft. T12 40-Watt Plant and Aquarium Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Philips 4 ft. T12 40-Watt Plant and Aquarium Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb-392282 - The Home Depot Good for the "vegetative" stage or...
  14. 4

    T5 bulb blown

    Hi guys, stupid question but I've just noticed one of the bulbs in my T5 Lightwave has stopped working. Is it safe for the faulty bulb to remain in situ or is that a fire hazard? It's 2am and I won't be able to sleep not knowing if I need to remove it or not! Any help would be much...
  15. J

    Help with HPS

    Hey guys im a newbie and on the veg of my first indoor grow,im using cfl for now but switching to hps when i throw my gals into flower. Im planning on getting 2 400watt phillips hps bulbs (pic below) cuz their pretty cheap, basically i went to look at double lamp ballasts at home depot and i...
  16. L

    Just got a used Lumatek 1000W Ballast in the mail - Won't light up my bulbs!

    I just purchased a used Lumatek 1000LK ballast on an auction website. This is the non-air cooled kind. However, every bulb I've tried to fire up has only flashed for about 1/2 a second, then no light emitting from the bulb, till around 1-3 minutes later, and another flash, repeatedly. The...
  17. J

    Best CFL light bulb

    Hi guys, I'm new of the forum and I'm new of growing as well, I didn't start anything yet but I'd love to do it... I tough to start with some CLF bulb but I have some problem and I'm indecise which one take (I will do 1 or 2 auto-florent plant indoor in a small place 50x50x110). I saw...
  18. G

    First timer!

    Hi all was wondering if anyone can help me?iv just started growin 1 plant at the start of Feb with 1 125w CFL.in the meantime iv went and bought a ballast 400w m/h bulb and an extractor fan.i put the new bulb in my small tent(60cmx60cmx1800) with the extractor fan and left my plant in there for...
  19. CannaKitty

    Help! Found used 600w HPS kit - What should I ask? Is it worth it?

    Long story short... found a USED Sylvania Grolux 600watt kit (Sylvania Bulb, Reflector, balast, and all cables) on an online classified site popular in my country. She wants 30 euro for the whole kit and she says it works and is in great condition. The picture provided is that of the reflector...
  20. cnile

    Who has used apollo dimming feature HPS?

    600watt metal halide bulb says works with digital balast. its 600w balast appolo do i need a 400w bulb to dim it or do i just flip the switch to 400w with the 600w bulb in there. thanks the instructions do not say how to dim it for some reason...
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