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Advanced Lighting & Heat Questions


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Yo yo,
I was told that measuring the temperature of your grow directly in the light doesn't give a true reading so now I always measure on the edge of a shadey spot.
However I have no real ideas if this is even true and if it is does anyone know why? As the leaves and buds are directly in the light when growing.

Also I have a cool tube which extracts 75% of the bulb heat (apparently). I had temps of 36c about 40 cm below the bulb - without a fan on the cool tube and now with an rvk 125 xtractor fan they are down to 28-30c depending on what strength i run my oscillating fans aswell (without the occillating fans temps are 31-33c)
So if the cool tube and fan remove the bulb heat. What other heat is there thats creating my high temps?
I heard someone talk about radient heat vs bulb heat once. Does any one here know where can i get some information on this and how it affects my plants.
Thought I'd ask here as Im finding it hard to research any information on light and heat that isnt super basic.
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