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    do these calyx look to be rather swollen to you? no seeds just very swollen calyx
  2. Mothers Cookies

    Mothers Cookies

    This Mothers Cookies (sour purple dog x girl Scout cookies) had the coolest unique structure. Each calyx had its own place and tye colors just blew me away...what a strange little strain
  3. O

    Swollen Calyx? What’s going on?

    Greetings. My first post after I made an account after seeing the plethora of information this community bad to offer. here’s my situation. I’ve got four plants. All autoflowering. 2 nyc diesel and 2 amnesia haze xl. Plants are just over 30 days old. All growing faster than I had hoped. while...
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    Pistol emerging from calyx.
  5. R

    When should all the calyx's open up..?????

    Hi I have two female pineapple chunk plants that are on their 9th week of flowering since 12/12. overall they seem quite good, nice bit of bud on them however althou they have bud growing all over them there are unopened calyx's with a browned pistil sticking out at nearly all the...
  6. R

    Pineapple Chunk: Underdeveloped calyx week 8?

    Hi I'm hoping that somebody might be able to help me, I'm quite new to growing but I have 2 Pineapple chunk plants from barneys farm. They have both grown to about 1.4m and went into 12/12 about 8 weeks ago all seemed fine at first the calyx's swelled up and opened and bud devlopment seemed...
  7. Advice massively appreciated!!I so hope this is just a swollen calyx!!!

    Advice massively appreciated!!I so hope this is just a swollen calyx!!!

    Fourth week in flower I didn’t think they’d herm but I am learning. 4 grows with one hermitage (3rd one), I really hope she’s a she proper like.. anyone?
  8. K

    Pollen sac or new growth? Blue Dream week 4 - Please help

  9. K

    Help - Herm or new growth - Blue Dream week 4

  10. M

    Need help for sexing - DWC - Unknown seed

    Hello everyone, Im new to 420magazine. Ive been growing since 2 years now. I need help regarding sexing a marijuana plant witch is an unknown bag seed. Have topped this plant around 3 times and she ended up having around 16 heads. All the heads look like they are female part...
  11. Gauge Steel

    Green Crack showing sex after three weeks? Noobie

    Complete Noob but are these showing sex?
  12. B

    Will a node ever have multiple calyces? Plant sexing

    I'm trying to determine whether my plant is a male or a female. I'm wondering whether a female plant will ever have more than one calyx preflower right next to each other, or whether that bunching indicates that it is a male plant, and that they are stamens and not calyxes. I've tried to...
  13. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  14. L

    Has anyone had droplets of sugar seeping from calyxs?

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  15. D

    Extremely swollen Calyx or Hermie?

    Hello, I have seven plants in my tent. I noticed one of the seven had calyx that were extremely swollen. None of my other plants had this going on. Pics below. For reference, the rest of the buds on the other plants looks like this So I cut off the top of one of the buds and...
  16. BostonGreen

    Late flowering calyx question Help!

    Hello everyone , this is my first post asking for help so please let me know if I'm missing info that might help! OK. this is my like 6th or 7th time getting ready for harvest. And I have NEVER experienced this and it is really putting me down. I took a small sample off the plant to scope and...
  17. R

    When to crop with pictures

    Hi there people. Wondered if u folks out there could look at my plant pics and tell me if you think its ready to crop. I have been flowering for nearly eight weeks now and some of the stigmas look a little frazzled(brown). I think these pictures should provide a bit of zoom to look at the...
  18. H

    What to do with male female plant?

    So I had this male. Didn't know it was a male, cloned "mother" during veg, and set the clone to flower. As soon as sacs appeared, I pulled the "mother," who I will be referring to as father hence forth. Little male clone in flowering room, TOTALLY secluded from other females, in order...
  19. C

    Xperienced grower with a question

    'ello again everyone, listen, I just harvested my two ladies 9 days ago. Currently, the harvest from each plant is in its appropriate labeled jar for curing. I put the Indica dom. harvest in one jar and then the Sativa dom. harvest in the other jar and labeled them accordingly...
  20. C

    Immediate help requested/needed please

    hey everyone.. I've currently got two 'Blue Columbian' plants in flowering. They're both 44 days into their flowering cycle. Well, I noticed yesterday morning that on one of the plants... one of the buds which is located around the bottom area of the plant.. I noticed that a few calyxes...
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