chronic pain

  1. SweetSue

    Treating Sciatica Pain With Cannabis? Share Your Regimen, Please

    I have a friend suffering with sciatica pain. It hurts my heart to see him hurting, and to witness the limitations this once-active man has been forced into by chronic pain. It got me to wondering how you might be treating sciatica with cannabis? He’s been resistant to try my oils, and I’m...
  2. hydro91

    Cannabis strain suggestions for chronic pain conditions: fibromyalgia

    Dear 420 forums, Looking for suitable strains to treat fibromyalgia. Someone very close to me suffers from this condition, I've managed to assist this person in weaning off their benzodiazepines in hopes to find a suitable strain to eliminate all if not most of their nerve pain/chronic pain...
  3. M

    I Won't Apologize for Having Fun While Chronically Ill

    When I was six, I was hospitalized with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. At the hospital, I was encouraged to get out of bed, get dressed and spend as much time as possible in the playroom. I brought magazines and books back to my room to read and played with other kids who were up and about on the...
  4. R

    40yr old virgin here - Neuropathy - Awaiting my card

    I'm hoping to glean wisdom from the plethora of info here and all the years of experience. Hard to believe a GenXer has made it this far without any cannabis experience, but here I am, a 40 year old virgin. ;) I have a 12 year old nerve injury, I've been on narcs of one flavor or another the...
  5. S

    I have Cerebral Palsy Spasticity

    Hi There ... I have always worked and in 2009 I had to go on disability because of increased spasticity, OA and chronic pain. I am on vicodin, cymbalta, baclofen and diazapam. All my meds make me feel like shit. And I think it is too much to be taking for a 46 year old. I started smoking...
  6. painkills2

    Grape Ape from R. Greenleaf

    R. Greenleaf (Albuquerque) Grape Ape - Indica 18.711% THC; 0% CBD (per website) $12.50/gram Grape Ape is a strong, sweet-smelling diesel, medium amount of resin, no seeds, and more than the usual amount of sticks/stems. Smooth taste, with grape-flavored undertones. The initial effect...
  7. V

    Need some advice regarding Medical Marijuana

    I need some help. I have a whole crap load of health issues: Bipolar2, PTSD, general anxiety disorder, diabetes, cornery artery diease, chronic back pain (sciatica) and possibly chronic regional pain syndrome (from the heart attack I had, in my thigh) etc... Anyhow, when I get hypo, I tend to...
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