1. D

    Beantown Greentown Boston Massachusetts Cannabis Club

    What's up Every one. My name is Keith I'm part of a group of growers , advocates , patients and recreatoonal smokers in the boston area. We started a club here . Just thought I'd say what's up. Noticed there was a post about the 100 foot bone we rolled this weekend ..It was a good time. Lol...
  2. Dutch Priest

    Guts to go Dutch

    ...Jah Man ! :ganjamon: Live here in The Netherlands Plans to start a 'Buena Vista Social Marijuana Club;... We do have Freedom of Religion here in Nederland ~ with all Rituals to do 2 as a good Rasta Priest ~ :amen: xxx Hugs from Holland xxx en bedankt voor de...
  3. Ron Strider

    AK: Anchorage Police And City Officials Investigate Possible Illegal Marijuana Sales

    Anchorage police visited a former location of the Alaska Cannabis Club Wednesday afternoon to confirm that possible illegal marijuana sales had been discontinued. This comes after a complaint made last month that marijuana was being sold without a license from the property. No citations...
  4. Ron Strider

    Daily High Club Announces Partnership With Cannabis Culture Legend Tommy Chong

    LOS ANGELES, CA: Daily High Club today announced the launch of a partnership with cannabis legend Tommy Chong to produce the first-ever signature smoking supply box curated by the marijuana icon. "We are very excited to be working with smoking legend Tommy Chong on this very special...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: San Bernardino's First Marijuana Dispensary Permit To Flesh Showgirls Strip Club

    San Bernardino's first licensed marijuana dispensary may share an address with its only strip club. More than nine months after residents voted to allow medical cannabis businesses in town, city officials have approved a dispensary permit for the location now occupied by Flesh Showgirls...
  6. Ron Strider

    CO: Denver Pot Club Applicants Face Licensing-Rules Hurdles

    Colorado's largest city is on the brink of licensing some of the nation's first legal marijuana clubs. But Denver's elaborate hurdles for potential weed-friendly coffee shops and gathering places may mean the city gets few takers for the new licenses. Denver voters approved...
  7. Ron Strider

    CO: We Could Be On The Verge Of Legal Weed Clubs

    Colorado's largest city is on the brink of licensing some of the nation's first legal marijuana clubs. But Denver's elaborate hurdles for potential weed-friendly coffee shops and gathering places may mean the city gets few takers for the new licenses. Denver voters approved...
  8. Ron Strider

    CO: The Long, Strange Trip For Pot Club Studio420

    Studio420, an Englewood marijuana club, has been ordered to shut down following an administrative hearing. The business is planning to appeal the latest negative ruling in a years-long fight with the city that dates back to a time when it was called iBake Englewood and fronted by an entrepreneur...
  9. Ron Strider

    UK: Police Sniff Out Cannabis Farm During Routine Visit To Sunderland Social Club

    A large cannabis farm has been sniffed out in the upstairs of a Sunderland social club . The haul was uncovered by officers who were responding to a call out on a separate issue. Police were called to the Ivy Leaf Club, on Suffolk Street, Hendon, in Sunderland at 6.46pm on Sunday, July...
  10. Ron Strider

    CO: Licensed Cannabis Clubs Struggle To Stay Afloat While Unlicensed Clubs Chug Along

    A year ago, City Council decided to do away with cannabis clubs. But instead of straight-up banning the clubs, many of which had been operating for years, local lawmakers created an out: Clubs could apply for a "marijuana consumption club" license that gives them eight years to stay open – if...
  11. Jackalope

    Old fuggers club

    Been here a while and have noticed more and more older growers. Time to start a old fuggers club. While there is a lot knowledge in the under 50 crowd they are still obnoxious LMAO. My dream is a place where old, grouchy, and set in your ways is excepted.
  12. C

    Got my first daily high club subscription box love it!

    Daily high club cannabis subscription box review - YouTube
  13. BillyPilgrim

    Hello from Nashville

    Non-medical user here. My first experience with cannabis was eating 2.5 grams of good Lebanese Blond in high school after reading The Club of the Hashishins, (Club des Hashischins). Those dudes had some wild experiences! It was very trippy, got macrophasia and stared at Yes album covers, (yes...
  14. W

    Hi all rookie member in da club

    Hi dear ladies and gentlemans... Wish ya all happy grows.. I am new here.. Lots of love from Rhodes island .. Normally i live in Rhodes island in Greece .. Sometimes i move to Turkey.. I guess i am just a little bit sun addict guy ;) For summer season i prefer outdoor grow but at winter i hope i...
  15. K

    CO: No Cannabis Club Recommended

    ALAMOSA – Alamosa planning commission members Wednesday evening unanimously recommended denial of a special use application for a cannabis consumption club at 507 Bell Avenue. City staff also recommended denial. The request and the staff and planning commission's recommendations will move on...
  16. GYOSeedBank

    GYO Seed Bank Club - Join Today

    GYO Club Member Exclusive rewards and discounts -FREE TRACKED SHIPPING ON ALL YOUR ORDERS! - GUARANTEED REPLACEMENTS! - 40K EUCLYPTUS POINTS TO SPEND IMMEDIATELY! - 10% DISCOUNT ON EACH ORDER GYO Membership | Join up for discounts, offers and other great benefits
  17. K

    Barcelona Cannabis Club Shut Down For Selling Marijuana Candy

    Barcelona - Authorities in Spain closed down a cannabis club in Barcelona that sold marijuana candy and other similar products to more than 16,000 people, many of them tourists, police said Tuesday. They arrested five managers of the club, which opened in 2013 in the centre of the popular...
  18. K

    Ireland: LegenDerry Cannabis Club Continues Legalisation Campaign

    A Derry club founded to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis and give advice to local consumers distributed 'pot' paraphernalia during a recent promotional event in the city centre. Tony McColgan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the LegenDerry Cannabis Club has promised more events will...
  19. K

    UK: Cannabis Picnic Held In Plymouth - And More Are Planned

    Campaigners for the legalisation of cannabis openly smoked the drug in public at a 'protest picnic' in the city. The Plymouth Cannabis Social Club are now planning further public protests after around 30 people enjoyed the picnic at Stonehouse Creek on Sunday. Formed in 2014, the group...
  20. K

    UK: Cannabis Club 'Protestival' Being Staged At Stoke Park Again

    A so-called peaceful protest which aims to provide a forum for discussing issues surrounding cannabis use will take place in Guildford on Saturday (September 24). It is the fourth time that the Surrey Cannabis Club, which was established in 2012, has held its 'protestival' at Stoke Park...