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    Easiest dosing method for decarbed weed. 1. Remove all leaf, decarb buds. 2. Take apart toasted buds, remove any stems, branches and seeds. 3. Pass through a manual bur/cone grinder (low heat). This renders a uniform, very fine almost flour like media. Dose using very small measuring spoons.
  2. G

    Caution with dogs

    Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than any other mammal and can easily overdose on THC. So a lower dose should be used. Or use a low THC strain of Cannabis.
  3. D

    Auto White Widow - Harvest ready?

    Hi everyone. First time grower and I reached that point where I'm wondering if I should flush or give it one last dose of nutes. I'm at day 65 from seed (or 60 from first real leaves) but that plant is faster that its sisters so not sure I can give it more than 10 days. I fimmed (by accident...
  4. Troy01

    Potent Canna-Sugar Pills

    Objective - Create a potent portable dosing capsule. I've been playing around with making Canna-Pills. As a background, I mostly produce Alcohol Tincture and am trying to find a way to dose while traveling in a stealth way. I also wanted a concentrated dose in a "0" or "1" gelatin...
  5. Ron Strider

    Researchers Figured Out The Amount Of Marijuana That Helps People Relax - Too Much

    Marijuana and relaxation have always had a bit of a funny relationship. On the one hand, nearly half of cannabis users say that their goal is to relax. Yet many people are also familiar with the marijuana freak-out, or have seen a paranoid friend disappear from a party because they "just...
  6. C


    i buy 5 seeds of white widow and 5 dark angel . I also buy b52 fertilizer.i have germinated my seeds. I would like to know how to use this type of fertilizer , foliar or watering and how dose. Could you help me. i wil plant outdoring in 2-3 weeks
  7. S

    My stomach & digestive system doesn't metabolize THC in edibles I've tried - Advice?

    Hi Everyone, I've been using medical marijuana for pain with good results. I don't like smoking it and would prefer edibles. At first I tried making firecrackers. I read up on how to make them and followed the directions, paying attention to use oily peanut butter. I even doubled the...
  8. SweetSue

    Alzheimer's Disease: Preventing & Halting Progression With Ultra Small Doses

    This is essentially the transcript of the class I completed on treating Alzheimer's disease with cannabis. I changed very little of the narrative. I wanted you all to hear it the way I did. The good doctor was very thorough, and he didn't need me to translate at all. May it help you in your...
  9. H

    5.5 weeks into flower - A few strange leaves - Curious

    I'm into 5th week of flower and have a few weird leaves. Strain is True OG Medium is FF Happy Fog uhh I mean Happy Frog 12 plants in 5gal Eco pots, 6 in scrog and 6 super cropped, all under 4x 1000w HPS Using 1/2 dose advanced nutrients GMB, Big Bud until last week and Bud Candy Tried...
  10. S

    End of week 3 Shark Attack

    Hey everyone. End of week3 flowering of 2 shark attack seeds. Soil grow with handwatering. I gave a large dose of molasses for first time yesterday. (Made a mistake and gave big dose) Had a look today and my pistils are browning. Should I panic yet???
  11. W

    How long to get roots?

    I have grown a couple times but it's my first time trying to make my own clone. How long dose it take usually for a cutting to start rooting?
  12. B

    For cancer! Turn Crumble Wax into effective oral dose?

    My sis n laws grandma has cancer pretty bad. This could be the only thing that could help. I have seen many cancer cases fought with liquid THC oil and having stunning success. I have an ounce of crumble wax. Its goldish in color. How do I turn that into an oral dose that is effective...
  13. J

    Does CalMag spoil?

    Has anyone ever heard of CalMag spoiling? I have been using General Hydroponics (organic) calmag for my soil grow, watering with 1/2 dose every 3rd watering or so. I mixed up a gallon at 1/2 the light feeding dose and have been working out of the same jug for about 2 weeks. Today as I was...
  14. B

    MM Testing Labs in Massachusetts

    I was recently in my local dispensary and I made an inquiry as to when they thought the 60 day limit would be lifted from the current 4.23 ounces up to 10 ounces. This product limit is imposed by the state because of the lack of sufficient labs to test the flowers and MIPS. The budtenders...
  15. Z

    AK-48 issue - Nute burn or Potassium deficiency or am I off?

    Hi, this is my first grow and I'm at flowering stage 19 days . Starting to be worried about those burnt tips that are also slowly getting on the sides of the leaves at any height of the plant. Tried to find tips online on good sites and i think this is either a lack of potassium or nutrient burn...
  16. BlissfulToker

    How many doses from a Half Oz?

    Im planning to make brownies out of a half oz of of good kush. Seeing as i've never made brownies before, approximately how many doses would be in a batch made with a half oz? I would deem an appropriate dose strength to be the equivalent of 2 joints smoked ( but of course LASTING longer...
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