1. SweetSue

    Cannabis Dust: Simple Consumption, Unexpected Potency

    Now for something different..... @Bucudinkydow has stumbled on the simple method of consuming ground decarbed bud. He’s been using the method for a while, but finds himself stymied over finding a way to get a consistent dose. Weighing may be an option, if a good scale is available, in which...
  2. Tomula

    Anyone using lava rock dust in their soil mixes?

    Once, I was stoned I was looking at some volcanoes and the fields of green covering those old Nature's forges. And as I'm a fan of a nice rich soil and compost teas, I wondered if adding some nicely baked lava dust will make those flavors pop up and maybe get exotic. Or it could be even cooler...
  3. W

    Dust in indoor grows

    I see a lot of posts where people seem very worried about dust in the grow room....i guess my question will be how bad is dust for the actual plants? I see plants grown outdoors that seem to do even better than any indoor grow and im pretty sure dust is everywhere outside but still the plants do...
  4. ui3ywer8y3

    The Chokeberry Fruit Gall Midge

    There has been much debate over what the little, slimy, orange budworms are that pop up spinning their webs just as you're about to post/boast your bud progress. I have even seen them likened to thrips larvae, an entirely different borer, but a borer nonetheless. This is what I'm talking...
  5. L

    Smog ridden beauties - A question regarding cleaning plants while still growing

    Hi all. We've been having a really heavy smog problem. The smog isn't the type you'd find in LA. The smog is probably mainly fine dust. It's the third or fourth day. It's very heavy. Like a heavy fog all day (can barely see the sun or the hills around my house). I assume it's full of all...
  6. S

    Cleaning Off Heavy Wall Plaster Contamination On My Bud

    Hello there! I'm a newbie with an expert problem. My outside grow got heavily covered with the wall plaster dust, when the workers were fixing things in my kitchen and left the door open. It's nearly harvesting time and i dont know how to deal with it. I was hoping the rain would wash it, but...
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