1. IMG_20201013_083931.jpg


    Thank you seedsman for these discountinued beans I ordered while back.
  2. IMG_20200503_101956.jpg


    Seedsman white og fem quadlined lol my version lol
  3. IMG_20200421_202739.jpg


    Widow white or white widow lol cal mag def trying to correct it not enough cal mag in medium apparently lol
  4. IMG_20200307_223443.jpg


    More blueberrry shots
  5. IMG_20200130_193511.jpg


    Blueberry by seedsman week 8 flower
  6. IMG_20200104_194730.jpg


    Alaskan purple week one flower . She is getting 45-50 though at top and showin no signs of stress lol she looks happy to me no?
  7. neiro

    Dark Purple Auto

    About 6 weeks Seeds from Delicious Seeds
  8. S

    Early Veg Problem Help Please

    Hey! I took a look at my plants this morning and I noticed some of the earlier leaves are wilting up a bit and are discolored kind of browning a bit near the veins. I had to flush a week back because of too much nitrogen. It was yesterday that I noticed I might have a problem. The soil was...
  9. 403E55BA-5DFC-43B1-A7C5-0E7A1934BE64.jpeg


    The mess a part of it . It’s done though woot woot . Gentle .
  10. 61CFE3BA-3C56-4FA2-B9A5-3F1727B555ED.jpeg


    And my veg tent Biggest girl far back right -cherry bomb 25 from seed . Rough start but bounce back . Beside cherry bomb is purple monkey balls day 3 veg I’m calling it . Beside that is newest Dutch delight and dr incredible bulk . Day 3 since put in cup . Slow start but I got this . Up front...
  11. snezola

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn Outdoor Auto 2018 - Green Crack - Gorilla Glue - Chem Bubbly

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn outdoor auto 2018 (3 different strains) Sour bubbly (or chem bubbly, the site is giving me mixed signals) by a NSW breeder Indica/sativa/ruderalis (doesn’t specify percentages) Start to finish: 9wks Reckons you can get up to 90g yield p/plant outdoor but we’ll see...
  12. T

    Abandoned Tokiwartooth's 1000 Watt Multi Strain Coco Grow - 1st Ever

    Hi guys. I'm completely new to 420 magazine just looking for tips here as I see lots of great feedback on these forums. I've grown once in the past in a closet with 2 45 watt LEDs. Obviously my results were subpar to crap. I have now built a 4x4x7 tent bought a 1000 watt light. Set up...
  13. B

    First Grow Not Using Fem Seeds - Help

    One of my plots is seeds a guy gave me. They are well on their way to maturing but into female or male is in dispute between my grow partner. To me they dont look anything like our PK fem seed buds. He says they are showing pistols so they are female. I realize this is a redundant question ...
  14. H

    g'day stoners!

    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought id join your awesome community as im soon to get the ball rolling and i will probably need some advise! Also its great to keep a log for the future i can look back on once i start my journal. Plans so far once in full function is to have...
  15. golfer420

    Sour Jack Fem

    Here is my Sour Jack Fem at 150 days. Tall and lean lady ;) Flowering for 95 days! Flipped at day 55 Used Fox Farms trio and molasses. Grew in Sunshine Mix #4 in 3 gallon pot in a small tent (30x20x30) Enjoy the photos :Namaste:
  16. P

    Completed Pipers Perpetual Auto Grow Diary

    Pics to follow. 7 days since breaking soil. Hey guys :volcano-smiley: So good to be back :) How is everyone doing? Has anyone tried any of these two? The auto is well ahead but we are only on day 7! Also the RQS slightly damaged it's first true leaf when emerging but is fine now. They are...
  17. W

    Ordered a bunch of seeds using bitcoin

    Hello! First time poster here - I finally got my grow equipment together and ordered some seeds from Nirvana, Attitude, & Seedsman. Got a bunch of freebies for using bitcoin! Here's what I got: Nirvana - blackjack fem, aurora indica fem Attitude - GrandDaddy Purple Seeds...
  18. J

    Good morning from Calgary

    Hey all, Long time reader, first time poster. Been smoking for almost 20 years off and on, mostly off for the last 8 years since my son was born. Recently started back up as I was having issues sleeping and a friend of mine hooked me up with half an oz to see if it would help. And oh boy i...
  19. F

    Completed Jack Herer Autoflower CFL 2017

    First grow; don't be scared to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'm here for the feedback. Im using crop king seeds' Jack Herer femininzed autoflower. It's March 3rd and they've been in soil for approx 1 week. Currently using a box but I have a lot of closet room to work with once they mature. I...
  20. G

    Abandoned 600 Watt HPS, Kilomix, M-Lining, Special Queen, Chocolat Haze, White Widow, RQS

    Hello everyone, this is my first grow and i am from an european country, if i make lots of gramatical mistakes don't worry, im practicing! Please, make some questions about my grow, for now thei have about 10/11 days from germination. Now i have 3 Special Queen Fem, 2 White Widows Fem, 1...
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