1. Remo Nutrients

    Remo Nutrients Official Discussion Thread

    Hi Everyone, We're opening this thread up for anyone who has questions, would like to post pictures of their grows, or has any other questions relating to Remo Nutrient's products. As members of 420magazine, we're offering 20% off all store items when you use the promo code 420MAG20. This...
  2. CBDbud

    Questions On Use of GLNs Sweet Candy

    Hello all, After reading some posts here and there by @Emilya Green using GLNs Sweet Candy, I reached out to her about it. Here's what she has shared with me so far: CBDbud: "I've seen (somewhere 'round here) that you have used something called Sweet Candy and I'd like to know more about it...
  3. moderngroroom

    Terpinator and Purpinator?

    do they really work? i have them in my shopping cart and about to buy...what was your experiences and were they noticeable to using the products?
  4. Fertilizer


  5. farside05

    Completed Farside05's Super Secret Weed Feed Grow

    Excited to see how this turns out. After three years of using Dyna Gro products as my fertilizer line, and having decent success, I'm doing a trail run on something different. I originally had a big long post of how I came to select this particular fertilizer and all the science behind it, but...
  6. S

    Does Rez with galvanized metal stabilizators need coating because of fertilizer?

    Hi, in my reservoir (a big rectangle rain barell) there are three thin galvanized stabilizators. They go from one side to the other of the rain barell and their purpose is to prevent the rain barell from breaking when it is filled, because of the water pressure on the side walls. See the small...
  7. J

    OK To Feed Vaped Herb To Plants?

    Hi Is it Ok To Feed Vaped Herb to Plants? thx
  8. N

    Help! Is this plant healthy?

    Hello! I've been doing my first grow since May. I was given the seeds from someone who knew nothing about cannabis and called them 'white spider', so I assume he meant white widow. Out of 15 seedlings that survived seeds 12 have showed clear female pre-flowers with two pistils each (nothing yet...
  9. A

    whats wrong with them

    growing in normal garden soil mixed with fertilizer. the ones in the trays are fertilizer mixed with potting soil. potting soil obtained from some street vendor. the fertilizer is this one : Gromor Compost - Fertilizer - Gromor - KwaZulu-Natal temperatures day time: 24 degree Celsius and...
  10. C


    i buy 5 seeds of white widow and 5 dark angel . I also buy b52 fertilizer.i have germinated my seeds. I would like to know how to use this type of fertilizer , foliar or watering and how dose. Could you help me. i wil plant outdoring in 2-3 weeks
  11. J

    Blood meal in water?

    Hi, I recently set up my first grow and purchased some Jobes organic blood meal for my ladies. The package says to use when you transplant so you put the granular fertilizer under the plant. I would prefer to dissolve the blood meal in water and feed them through watering. Can somebody let me...
  12. F

    Ultra pure fertilizer

    Hello there, I work as a hydroponic grower in Southern California in a state of the art greenhouse. After several years I have developed my own fertilizer blend. As an agronomist I have designed so it is 100% water soluble with all the nutrients available right away, it is ultra pure, it only...
  13. G

    Has anyone used Searles 5 in 1 fertilizer?

    i have recently bought some searles 5 in 1 fertilizer as it is the only organic things at my local gardening shop and i was just wondering if it adds the right nutrients for growing weed
  14. S

    Rooting question?

    I have a question about rooting. I start my clippings in the Peet pucks. Once roots start to show they go into solo cups, than into 1 gallon pots then to 5 gallon pots. What would be a good additive to add to the water to help along strong vigorous growth?
  15. T

    Completed Amnesia Haze Auto - Indoor & Outdoor Grow

    Going to try and grow this using both the Spanish Sun and my 300W Led in my spare bedroom. If I get the time I will be setting up a dedicated grow tent sometime next month. Single grow which will act as a test for more later in the year. Started by soaking the seed for 12 hours with good...
  16. D

    Need advice - Last 3-4 weeks

    Really need the right advice here. I'd say I'm about 3-4 weeks away (could be wrong). Last year in my blooming stage, I made the mistake of using this farmers phosphorus fertilizer, I think all it did was burn my plant and decrease my yield. This year, tried something new.... I've been...
  17. D

    Phosphorus and Potassium - Flowering week 4 or 5

    Hello I am in about week 4, my plants are just starting to grow the small tight buds. It's been a very slow process out door in my greenhouse. My question: there is a local fertilizer plant down the road from me... They sell a liquid phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Large amount for...
  18. G

    Abandoned Gitgud's Lemon Skunk GHS Indoor Grow - 2016

    Hey there, to start off, some basic info: What strain is it? Lemon Skunk from Greenhouse, one plant started from seed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 50/50 Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flower If in Flower stage... For how long? About 3 weeks into flower, after about 6 weeks...
  19. M

    Garden Patch Grow Box

    Hello everyone; I'm new here, so please be gentle! I am a novice grower and I have read 4 books so far. I started my grows in 4 AeroGarden Bounty versions. Now that they are getting larger, I was wondering about using Garden Patch Grow Boxes in my grow room. I see incredible results, with...
  20. daverabbit

    Improving Promix Composition

    Hey hey -- I'm looking for some expert advice on my soil. - Growing under 400w MH/HPS. Currently running 18/6 - Plants are in week 4 of veg. Planning on switching to 12/12 this weekend. - Temps between 23C and 28C depending on what I change in the tent (constantly experimenting and improving...
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