1. M

    Hey I'm Owen Gray aka O.G New Member

    As read from above I'm O.G and I'm Epileptic which is why I smoke/am growing now lol I'm a first time grower, literally four days ago I planted my first seeds (three) gorilla glue #2, northern lights and lemon diesel. I am reading articles and watching videos at the moment, learning all I can...
  2. D

    Family, friends, food and weed

    Nice to meet everyone.
  3. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Dealer Had Been Kidnapped, Court Hears

    A former kidnap victim caught with cannabis in his car admitted that he dealt the drug to his friends. Rohman Ahmed was planning to dish small bags of the class B drug out to pals at a party — but police pulled him over first. The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to possession of a drug with...
  4. SpectateSwamp

    Are you pro Black Market or pro Dispensary?

    Where do your loyalties lie? Me I'll go with my friends that supplied me for the last 50 years.
  5. Tris420

    Need Help - Huge Grow - Set Up

    Hey 420 Friends , Here is a little background story . So a few of my friends and me are growing Cannabis at home ... so we each grow for ourselves . A few month ago one of my friends got busted and he is in Jail now .. Because here it is illegal to grow ... He will stay in Jail for 8 months...
  6. H

    Don't Tell Anyone About Your Pot Deal

    People talk dude. Friends of friends. People who you've smoked pot with.. For whatever reason sometimes they'll drop a dime on you. Just my two cents... A word to the wise....
  7. M

    Is African Pot the Best? Yes from Which country?

    I grew up in Africa smoking Pot for pleasure ,selling was not the main Goal. Today my friends who had the means travel for studies have me stressing up and down to Mail them kush from Home.
  8. B

    What is wrong with this little lady? Doc?

    hello herb doctors, what do you think wrong with this little girls she is almost 2 weeks old and all of her friends are growing like on steroids.
  9. S

    Blue dream?

    Any of my grower friends growing blue dream ??
  10. superskunkdre

    Hi fellow green thumbed friends out there!

    So hi all im drew just joined so I figured I better do the norm an say a few words about me self lol anyway so I obviously have started to grow my own little green babies which will soon hopefully be big beautiful babies ;-) I live in the country and most of the time prospect for gold an now...
  11. V

    Cheers from Germany

    First pleas don't kill me for Spellrapeing your Language lol My Name is secret im a bit paranoid Im 29 but my Beard let's me look like 50. Im a Chef Im a pagan and grow since im 17,it Starts with a plant out of Bird food and my Snake wasn't eating so I put some food for the food in the...
  12. Major PITA

    Fun In The Sun 2016 - Tiger - Ape - Pitbull - Gorilla & More - Run Wild

    :welcome: :420: Family! :Love::Love::Love:HAPPY 420!:Love::Love::Love: Let's get the introduction and preliminaries out of the way. If you followed my previous journal, most of this is redundant. Feel free to skip ahead. Here's the windup, and the pitch... STRAINS FOR THIS GROW...
  13. Teddy Edwards

    Mr Teddy's Summer - 2016

    I live in a land of myth. Neither fact nor fiction, transcending both. I live in a land of ancient gods and legendary beasts. I live in a land laid waste by the EU. A land under a draconian Troika-imposed austerity. Where goods are short and services shorter. Where European enforced taxes kill...
  14. N

    Hi from the far east

    I'm known as nagga nagga ren in these parts, living on the 14th floor, that has a great view, with my little friend. I recently bought a camera and as a little project will endeavour to document his/her development over the coming spring and summer. Due to colour blindness and huge limitations...
  15. nivek

    The Corner Where I Relieve Myself Of Some Pent Up Blather

    a work in progress hello friends, friends to be, and friends of friends,, :welcome: thank you so much for stopping by my little corner for a pee,k, a ponder and perhaps even a piece of yer mind,,:Namaste: i have been spending so much time perusing others journals and participating in a few...
  16. K

    New to CA! Looking for cool roommate in So Cal anywhere from Marina Del Rey/Dana Pt.

    :high-five: I am new here to Ca! Living alone in the S.F.Valley but looking for a cool roommate or roommates anywhere from Marina Del Rey to San Clemente. I am a S.W.F. over 40 who is 420 friendly! I am way chill and so happy to be here! Wanting to add some sunshine to someone's world and some...
  17. MrGG

    How Did I Get Here? LOL

    I was searching Google for the world's largest marijuana plant and hit on a thread here. I like to make new friends, share information, and promote safe access and use of Cannabis. I have been growing for many years now. I grow indoors using a Closed Growing Environment (CGE). It is my view...
  18. F

    New here!

    Hey everybody! I'm pretty much new here. Looking for cool peeps that share the same hobbies as myself. Obviously it's the dank! :high-five:
  19. T

    HI people

    hi people, well there's not much to talk about me i just love to smoke and chill with my friends...:rollit: :grinjoint: this "site" is very nice and very interesting, nice work it's all ;)
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