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Hey 420 Friends ,

Here is a little background story . So a few of my friends and me are growing Cannabis at home ... so we each grow for ourselves . A few month ago one of my friends got busted and he is in Jail now .. Because here it is illegal to grow ... He will stay in Jail for 8 months now and he only had 5 plants ...

Now my friends and i are kinda scared that the same might happen to us . We were thinking about getting an Apartement together just for growing .. So we want to do 1 Huge Grow operation every few years .. and not grow all year around and maybe get caught ...

We were thinking like this .. 0.5 gram per watt ... 1000watt = 500 gram ... we would need atleast 5000grams .. that would be 10.000 Watts .Now i used the Seedfinder Grow tool to do the math which it would cost do run those kind of lights ... and i came to the result that it would cost us around 750 - 900 Euro per Month just for Electricity ...

10.000 Watts on 12/12 for 70 days
2000 Watts 18/6 for 30 days
360 Watts for Inline Vents
180Watts for Fan

But with these kind of Electricity Bill , the Police will get suspicious for sure .

Now Im wondering how other people do that ? Or maybe i did the Math wrong ? Im kinda stuck there right now lol ... so feel free to help me if you can .. or maybe my setup is dumb ?

English is not my first language , sorry for any Errors ..

Thanks in Advance

Have a Nice Day
if your paying big bills im pretty sure the electric companys arent bothered, there more concerned when you bypass not paying them.

abstracting electricity is what people mostly get done for with small/medium grows.
I want a dispensary in New Mexico I have been raided 3 times in the United States the police don't get involved until your electric bill reaches $500 before the end of the month
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