1. DarionOzb

    How Many Watts Am I Actually Using?

    Hello everyone. I was just curious about how many watts Im actually getting out of my Gixer LED light. It says its 600w, with blue and red lights. But it only has two switches for the light settings. One for Bloom and one for Veg. During Veg I rocked both just to get the most light. But now...
  2. AD5D1D28-86CA-48B3-BF74-03B705D80226.png


    Will be back
  3. K.puff&stuff

    Suggested lighting for a 10x10 grow tent

    Hi guys i have a question for anyone that has experience with large grow tents. I need suggestion on lighting for a 10x10 grow tent i have 8 lights I got from China 850 watts eq to 1000 watts HID i'm only pulling 450 watts from the wall so i'm possitive the lights are not what they claim them to...
  4. aknoob

    Citizen 90CRI, 3000K COB

    I am currently using a King Plus 1000w Double Chip LED Grow Light Full Spectrum. I have a 4x4x8 grow tent that I am currently using to grow vegetables and 1 Blue Blood in. I am wanting to build 4 COB led lights with a limited budget and I am a new to COB leds. The cobs will be used both in veg...
  5. K

    My First Grow - 17 plants inside

    Go big or go home! Sitting under 2 MEIZHI 1200w LED's (1000 true watts). Will also be adding a Mars 600w series to complete this. All of my babies are planted in 5 gallon buckets. The leaves are looking green and monstrous.
  6. M

    How low on watts can you go on Cree 3590's

    I have a couple of questions. I bought two 3590 s @ 3500 k and run them at 50 watts with a mover that moves 2 feet and height adjustment (active heatsinks). I put both up to 60 watts each and burned some leaves. I have now a 3+3 space with one big plant (smaller footprint when plant is young) ...
  7. N

    Veg looks terrible and I have no ideas left - Help me troubleshoot!

    Here are the details: Room: 160 sq ft. Indoor. Temp set to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity set to 64%. CO2 at 1000. Lights: 6 gavitas at 500 watts for total of 3000 watts Medium: botanicare cocogro coir fiber in 5 gallon smart pots. Water: RO in 50 gal res Nutes: GH Cocotek grow a and b...
  8. Botani

    What Should I Do?

    a little background from last grow i grew 4 og kush plants under 800 watts (2x 400w hps) in a area 4 feet by 4 feet and 8 feet high in deep water culture hydroponics. i managed to get 614 grams dried weight when all was said and done. now i am wonder what other people would do. currently i...
  9. Q

    Amount of CFLs needed for 4'x4' grow space

    How many watts needed per sq ft for CFLs I have 8 plants and 700 watts in a 4x4 space Also how close should they be and should I use reflectors or just plugs or a mix?
  10. Tris420

    Need Help - Huge Grow - Set Up

    Hey 420 Friends , Here is a little background story . So a few of my friends and me are growing Cannabis at home ... so we each grow for ourselves . A few month ago one of my friends got busted and he is in Jail now .. Because here it is illegal to grow ... He will stay in Jail for 8 months...
  11. A

    Help Needed - Oxygen Pot System & Coco Coir

    Hello guys, I have a 12 site oxygen pot systems with (2) VIPARSPECTRA 300 watts LED Grow Light Full Spectrum. This is my 1st time but I want these girls to turn out good so I invested quite a bit on the 1st try to do it right. Since I am brand new, I need advice on a watering schedule and...
  12. PTSDgrower

    First Tent, Cooler RDWC With Multiple Cheap LEDs Grow

    This is my first tent, LED grow. Had a veg of 2.5-3 months under not the best of direct light, before the last 3 weeks in the tent. Just flipped these on 1-10, vegged under the 2 old mars hydro 300 watts, that cost about $130 on ebay. Went into the tent 3-4 weeks ago. The ufo is a SUNtech 180...
  13. Habitual


    Not going to reinvent any wheels, just an average grower looking to share with a few friends. I also just think it's good to have a grow under my belt so if I may offer help my work can be referenced. I will be breeding and depending on the first 4 seeds I may start a few fem seeds of the same...
  14. Zogrowsgreen

    Light Experiment Suggestions - 1200 Watts - 5x5 I need help! Mars Hydro LEDs & T5

    Hello All, I need help with figuring out my light spectrum for veg/bloom with my current light setup to make sure i am not doing more harm than good by mixing the led spectrum and T5. The plan is to keep the plants short and Run 4 Mars hydro Reflector 96 units (rectangular) around the 4 sides...
  15. Nutria

    How many watts in 2x2x5ft tent?

    Hey guys! I want to upgrade the lighting in my flowering tent. Now I am using a MarsHydro led panel that draw about 140w. I grow in an attic (close to my bedroom) and winter is coming (not rly cold, around 0c/32f outside). So I want to use a HID setup, but how many watts? I would buy a 400w...
  16. T

    Will these lights work or did I screw up? LED 24 watt actual

    So I jumped the gun and ordered 4 of these, should give around 100 actual watts. My goal is to grow 5 small plants in a 32''X32''X63'' grow room. Judging by the reviews on Amazon I assumed these lights would be more than enough... but upon further research, I'm getting a little worried. Led...
  17. R

    CFL A19 Bulbs vs LED A19 Bulbs

    Hi all, New to the forum and have been lurking for some time. (this and other forums) I can't seem to find an answer to my question about LED vs CFL A19 bulbs. (I've Googled to NO success) I have hesitated to post any questions because I've seen some noobs get reamed out for NOT reading every...
  18. E

    How many Watts for flowering stage inside this tent?150x150x200cm

    Hello, i thinking about buying this tent you can se under this line. Kinggreen Growtent 150x150x200cm | growland How many watts should the light have inside? I have doing some research and i found out that i can have a 900w led light inside the tent,what do you think, is this correct? Regards.
  19. K

    Pineapple Express Autos - 140 Watts LED In Veg - 400 Watts LED & CFLs In Bloom

    Hey friends ! This's my 3rd grow, and my first with autos. After 2 successful northern lights grows I thought why not try something new, and this strain is one of the most famous and I'v never even smoked it before, so hopefully it'll go alright ;) 3 Barney's farm Pineapple express auto...
  20. D

    Less watts needed for veg than flower?

    Hey everybody, I've got a rookie question for you guys, but I've got to share some details before I ask... I'm planning a 4000 watt room. I've decided to aim for 1 big harvest (started from seed), and to forgo the hassle of setting up a perpetual harvest. I'm looking to grow only 8 or 9...
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