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Help Needed - Oxygen Pot System & Coco Coir


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Hello guys,

I have a 12 site oxygen pot systems with (2) VIPARSPECTRA 300 watts LED Grow Light Full Spectrum. This is my 1st time but I want these girls to turn out good so I invested quite a bit on the 1st try to do it right.

Since I am brand new, I need advice on a watering schedule and veg time as I am using 4 Coco Coir / 1 Perlie / 1 Vermiculite mix ratio.

Equipment I have
(2) VIPARSPECTRA 300 watts LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
(1) 6x6 shed
(1) 440 cfm inline fan
(2) 12 site oxygen pot systems

I am growing the Black Indica from cropkingseeds

Thank you for your time


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Veg time varies depending on how much room you're going to have to bloom in. Sativas can stretch 300% after going 12/12, indicas more like 100-150%. So if your tent is 6ft tall you don't want to veg until they are 4ft or you'll have monster problems.:16:

I don't know about coco but will leave a link that will answer a lot of questions you're going to have very soon. Good luck. :)

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