CFL lights - Help with amount of light for successful grow


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So I have tried researching this and doing the math. But im still confused. First off I don't do well with comprehending all the data. I have went with 10 of the 65 watt cfl 6500 for veg. They say 13 watt on package though. Ant 10 of the 65 watt 2700 for flowering. I do have a reflector.

My grow box is 3x3x6. I'm reading I need 7 to 10000 lumins per sq ft. I want to also say I read that the 26 watt bulb gives off more lumins per sq ft.
Can someone tell me if I have enough light? And should I get rid of the 65 watt ones and use the 26 watt bulb ?
One thing I forgot to mention. As of right now I only plan on growing 1 plant at a time. I may venture out with 2 under these lights later.
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