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Hello friends I didn't know where to post this but i need some help from you guy Immediatly. These ane the items i plan to purchase today for a fairly low price

1. Brand New "Rainforest 66" cloner.
2. 600 watt magnetic ballast
3. HPS 600 watt bulb
4. MH 600 watt bulb
5. Air cooled light tube w/hood
6. 100x50x50 Grow Tent w/reflective inside
7. Huge barrel Carbon filter with 6' attachment hole
8. All 6' tubing for complete kit included!
9.General Hydroponics "Flora Series" performance pack
10. 250 Watt Giant CFL grow bulb
11. black fan with 6' attachment
12. Air flow regulator control for fan

I just want to know if the super cloner 66 good for growing plants so I can start my grow journal asap.
I know im missing a few items like a thermostat and other things. I have that under control but some one please let me know because i do now want to waste money. lastly what should i look for in eqquipment deficiency. I need to know before 7pm est so I dont waste my time. Thank You so much
You can probably do some light modding to make it work if it doesn't already. I think I remember seeing those and thinking they would work though.
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