1. Bubblegum Autoflower-Outdoor Grow 2023

    Bubblegum Autoflower-Outdoor Grow 2023

    Bubblegum Autoflower
  2. Skunksta

    XS1500 PRO/KS2500x2 Weed Seeds Express Beans - Check The Results

    CHECK OUT THE XS1500 IN ACTION AND HER SISTER THE KS2500 TRY TO GROW 2 POUND OF BUD THE STARS OF THE SHOW THE INTRO So guys and Gals this grow will be sponsored by @ViparSpectra and @Weed Seeds Express The lights have changed but the great genetics have not. WSE have NEVER let me down...
  3. Gelato G Glue Autos.jpeg

    Gelato G Glue Autos.jpeg

  4. Bakers Dozen GSC.jpeg

    Bakers Dozen GSC.jpeg

  5. Aug 23 - Newly Hatched Seeds.jpeg

    Aug 23 - Newly Hatched Seeds.jpeg

    Sprouted seeds.
  6. Aug 18 - Newly Planted Seeds.jpeg

    Aug 18 - Newly Planted Seeds.jpeg

    Planted seeds.
  7. Ravenplume

    Ravenplume Grow Journal 2022 #1: X2022 - Multiseed Wildling 2019 Grow

    Here is my second grow journal for 2022. Doubt there will be a third this year, unless for some reason I decide to get the Sour Sunset opportunity seed that has been waiting as long as the Mr. Clean seed to get germinated growing. Probably saving that for next year. Got more than enough to...
  8. D

    Canna professional plus for germination

    Hi, What are your opinions in using canna terra professional plus since germination? I will be using 5 gallon pots. Thanks in advannce
  9. 20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    20211217_071639 (2).jpg

    GDP seed after 24hrs in soil. Still has seedcoat but looks like it's trying to get out.
  10. 20211210_123018.jpg


    Humidity domes installed. Only the best and finest equipment here. Tupperware!
  11. 20211210_121751.jpg


    All three autoflowers and the humidifier working full blast
  12. 20211210_121737.jpg


    Here we go. Hotz 1
  13. WalterGamer8

    New Grow Journal: I'll Try To Make It Based

    Like the title says this is my first journal and this grow is my second grow ever last grow i did was around a year and it went pretty average but i wasn't happy with the results so i took a break from growing marijewana. Anyways a couple weeks ago I thought to give it another try so here i am...
  14. WalterGamer8

    Do germinating seeds need light?

    I did the paper towel method and all 6 of them had long taproots. I planted them into soil 2 days ago and none of them sprouted yet. I've had them in the dark ever since I planted them into soil, was that a mistake? When planting germinating seeds in the soil are you supposed to give them light...
  15. WalterGamer8

    What are the preferred nutrients for an autoflower soil grow?

    What nutrients to use for autoflowers? I used fox farm in the past but I didn't like it so I want to try something different. I'm growing in fox farm ocean forest soil. I've been researching different nutrient brands but don't know what to use. My budget is around 100 dollars. Is there a list of...
  16. Germination: Day 2

    Germination: Day 2

    All cracked open! 6 of 6
  17. Germination: Day 1

    Germination: Day 1

    12 hrs in paper towel 4 of 6 have cracked open!
  18. Germination: Day 1

    Germination: Day 1

    Close up!
  19. B

    Day 14, seedlings are slow-growing and cotyledons are looking unhappy: Help?

    Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow. I have 4 seedlings of Special Queen #1. Seeds were germinated by paper towel method. Due to a lack of light, some strecthing was occuring during first week of growth. A few days ago I transplanted the seedlings into larger pots, burying part of...
  20. 6BabyGorillaGlueGirls.jpg


    Gorilla Glue sprouts are coming along just fine.
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