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So guys and Gals this grow will be sponsored by @ViparSpectra and @Weed Seeds Express
The lights have changed but the great genetics have not.
WSE have NEVER let me down service wise or beans them self.
One seed out of the many I have popped of these guys ended up in the bin.
My last grow the WSE beans really showed me I need to stop wasting time on other breeders hit and miss germination rates.
And work with these guys as much as there willing. And after watching my last grow under the XS2500's
I will go out on a limb and say this is going to be one of my biggest yields I have had on 420mag.
These lights make one hell of an even canopy proven in my last grow I expect big things from this one.
That being said strains will play apart never grown any of these before. And there up vs some big numbers
my last few grows for the size space the WSE bruce banner and WSE acapulco gold also silver haze have been big yielding ladies.Want some weight grab those three strains of Weed Seeds Express and your take
one of your biggest crops.
It will be nice to see how well the XS1500 PRO does veg’ing my seeds might even Flower something with it not sure.
Well that’s the intro happy growing

All seedlings will be under the XS1500 PRO until there ready for my main space , in my small tent.
Soon as I pick three and there ready they will move on to the 200x140x70 tent under two KS2500's to carry on veg.
What ever is left I will try do a small veg/grow in my 200x80x80 nothing big in there so flip soon as there in tbh
might even leave it out this run not sure yet but if I do the ladies will be much smaller/shorter veg than my norm.
I will leave my Wi-Fi camera up so I can monitor right from seed to harvest if I can find the time every day / other day.
Going to try push these ladies right from the of. The pots for the seedlings will be pre soaked with there first feed with.
0.5ML to L A/B
0.5ML to L Calmag
0.5ML to L Katana Roots
Then i gradually give them more "KINDA" following the shogun feed chart but only using the items listed.
Keeping it simple i have never tried any booster other than shogun's or taste enhancers bud bulking etc and so on.
I feel i get pretty good results and im way past wasting money on product's not really needed to grow great bud.
I think we have all been there but that new light is not going to make me grow better just give me a better chance.
Time and patience if you have these two things its a matter of time before you grow great bud (i feel)

XS1500 PRO (Early Veg seedling stage) 150 watt
KS2500 X2 (Late Veg Flower) 250 watt x2
XS2000 (If needed) 220 watt
Home plugs to control lighting feeding. (one with energy monitor ask if wattage of lights is needed cost etc)
Two 6 inch fans in take and out take
One 4 inch fan out take
One 10 inch air moving fan in tent.
3 clip on fans
120mm fan out take small tent
16L/12L fabric pots
DIY drip system (Bucket pumps air stones etc)
dehumidifiers (when if needed)
Shogun nutes (A/B - CALMAG - BOOST - ROOTS)​
Taking a seat in the popcorn gallery... :popcorn:
Not ready just yet but the beans are in my country so unless there is a boarder issue i will see them next few days.
Thanks for your countined support @InTheShed

Will tag everyone i can think of when i start popping these seeds ;)
ViparSpectra and WSE are a good combination.

Yes im a fan of there in house gens mate.
Its not cheap buying seeds now so when they dont pop its a pisser.
And its about the best gemination rate from any breeder i have used.
Happy to have you aboard the two pound train mate ;)
Tags but all are welcome sorry if i forgot anyone.And a closer look at the strains which turned up today.
Sent out 2nd reached the me today the 8th thats 6 days wow GREAT service @Weed Seeds Express
As you can tell i like a classic not into the newer strains much.

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@Old g


Lamb's Bread (sometimes written as Lambs Bread) feminized is an almost pure Jamaican Sativa (95%) marijuana strain.
While this by itself might already be enough to earn quite the reputation, Lamb's Bread is also the all-time favorite
strain of none other than Bob Marley.With her pure Jamaican Sativa heritage, Lamb's Bread contains only slight
traces of Indica resulting from some ancient blending back in time.
This historic strain is about as close as it can get to a pure landrace Sativa.
Besides offering your taste buds a very special treat, Lamb's Bread smells awesome and is the perfect strain
to promote positive energy and get your creative juices flowing.
Are you curious why Bob preferred this particular strain?

maui w.jpg

Made from true old-school marijuana seed genetics, Maui Waui (also known as Maui Wowie to some)
weed is perhaps one of the most enticing temptations of the eponymous islands.
Extensively praised in the Kid Cudi song, this lanky tropical Cannabis Sativa has an utterly tempting tropical odor and taste.
Sativa lovers, do you want to grow weed with a high THC level of 19%, ease of cultivation,
and the potent effects of these oldskool strong genetics? Keep on reading
what many benefits this great strain offers

runtz strain.jpg

Yet another perfectly conceived creation of rapper Berner, to whom we also owe the renowned Berner's Cookies strain.
Runtz is highly sought after and very popular with the in-crowd of the cannabis industry, yet very hard to come by.
Its exclusivity only contributes to its appeal. Everyone that has had the privilege of experiencing this tremendous
strain's profoundly relaxing body buzz, euphoric head high, and taste buds orgasm is bound to come running back for more!
Are you new to growing and want to treat yourself to an effortless and bountiful harvest? Then, check out our
high-quality Runtz feminized weed seeds.


With its dynamic effects, Stardawg (also known as Stardog) is perfect for lively parties and late-night conversations.
Having a genetic lineage dating back to the classics of the 1990s, it has excellent genetics.
Although originating in the United States, Stardawg has become increasingly popular in Europe and especially the UK.
Understandably so! Stardawg's glittering crystal trichomes are a thing of beauty. While not for the faint of heart, Stardawg
is perfect for those who love intense and supercharged strains.
Nice mate. Looking forward to seeing how these ones grow. Had my eye on the Lambs Bread.

Ye soon as i seen @Weed Seeds Express had released it i new i had to try grow it.
Thanks for the support vet will be dropping the seeds in water today.
Soon as they pop i will put a camera over them try upload at least one pic a day.
And I will try not to get distracted in veg as i do and keep the journal updated as much as i can.

I'll sit next to Shed. I brought some butter extract in case his topping is a bit lacking. I'm hioping he'll share. :popcorn:
Not to sure about sharing my pop corn with shed.
Might turn around a see a topping of worm castings ;)
Thanks for the support @Azimuth
Nothing but UK tap water warmed up the water to 24c.
Will leave them on top of my amp for 24 hours.
Then on to zip lock bags with air blew in then on/in paper towels.
What i have found a few times the paper towel hugged the seed to tight.
And kinda stopped them from breaking out or breaking out poorly.
I now always leave some space and blow air in the bags.
Guess your see tomorrow hopefully.


Other tools I use. Don’t really show them much.
But I do use to dial things in when needed.
And any tests I perform will be with these.
And the phone app Photone.
Also a screen shot of the app I use to control lightning feeding fans etc.

Thanks for the Tag @Skunksta :thanks:
Looks fantastic. :thumb:

#Vivosun #Love What You Grow
Bill284 😎
Thanks @Bill284 still remember you was the first to welcome and offer help when i joined the forum.
Thanks for the support over the years ;)
Thanks @Bill284 still remember you was the first to welcome and offer help when i joined the forum.
Thanks for the support over the years ;)
That was almost a year ago now. ;)
Hope I gave you some advice that worked.
Now your a fixture here.:yahoo:
Love your journals my friend. :welldone:

#Vivosun #Love What You Grow
Bill284 😎
That was almost a year ago now. ;)
Hope I gave you some advice that worked.
Now your a fixture here.:yahoo:
Love your journals my friend. :welldone:

#Vivosun #Love What You Grow
Bill284 😎

2 years this month i think. ;)
2 years this month i think. ;)
Sorry my fault can't read. :Namaste:
Too many bumps too the noodle. :rofl:

#VIVOSUN #Love What You Grow
Bill284 😎
Thanks for the tag Skunksta!

True story, Im listening to Berner as i type this., LOL, i only listen to berner now a days actually.

Heres to a awesome and bountiful harvest! Cheers Brother!
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