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  1. B

    Please help!

    First grow, 5th week into flowering (strawberry banana) natural soil, have been using dyna grow bloom but haven’t the last time I watered. Ph was 7 just got it down to 6. Leaves at bottom are turning yellow and dying. Other leaves have started curling. Don’t know what to do I don’t know if it’s...
  2. P

    Watering guide for 30 gal Geo Pots

    This is my first time growing and I am looking for help with a watering guide. My plants are in 30 gallon geo pots with E.B. Stone 420 recipe soil and coco mulch as a soil topper, I also mixed in some peat moss and coco coir into the soil. I live in Northern California and have them growing...
  3. johnnystackz

    First Grow: Feedback Request

    Attempting my first grow with 2 babie, I will probably add a bigger teen in a week when the tent gets in. I wanted to get some input as one is 2 weeks younger and a little weaker but both seem healthy right now so I'm excited to bring in a few more once these start to veg a little more. I have...
  4. Km021

    New grower need help

    Hey mates İm growing organicly And im always confusing bout suitable water for my plants :lot-o-toke: , my tap water comes with 220 Ppm n it’s very hard, so i have found a bottled drinking water contains cal mag in it with total mineral around 92 mg/l or ppm that the bottle label is attached...
  5. Liam300

    Yellowing leaves and burnt tips, need some help guys

    Hello fellow growers, thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out. I got a clone about 4 and half weeks ago Black Mamba OG an INDICA. It’s been growing pretty steady and healthy for the most part I’ve had it in veg the whole time in a 2.5x2.5x5 tent under a full spectrum 600w led...
  6. Blkhippiee

    Week 5 Veg: Indoor Home Grow

    So now we’re entering week 5 of Veg. Starting to notice the undergrowth rising up and forming nice looking colas. I’ve been tying down the larger taller branches to allow more light to hit the middle area. I’ve also noticed the branches and main stem thickening. So far so good.
  7. M

    Help! Problem with hydroponics

    hey everyone, I have recently set up 2 *feminized photo period White Widow* in a mars hydro 3x3x7 tent, tsw2000, 8'' fan, 5gal dwc, flora series nutes, and this is my first time growing hydro. over the past couple of days I've noticed some yellow/brown spots showing up on their leaves. plant A...
  8. G

    Just A Little GG4 & Strawberry Banana 1000W LED Grow

    A little into the proccess already but better late then never!! Currently growing 2 GG4s and 2 Strawberry Bananas under a 1000 watt LED. If anyone has any input or advice i welcome it and would appreciate it. thanks!!!
  9. arrigonfr

    My First Attempt Growing Indoor

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to grow some plants for the first time in an indoor (I grew one before outside), so I’m going to need some help along the process. First: I have a 24”x24”x63” tent, Apollo evolution 6 lights, a portable fan and an extractor (not using a carbon filter yet). I’ve been...
  10. O


    yo 420, I just wanted to know if my plant is budding right. It's about 60 days. Stain: gorilla glue. This is my first grow. Using gh flora- 1ml micro 0.5ml grow 2ml bloom 2ml bud candy 2ml big bud. May i know if plants are growing healthy.
  11. B

    Alaskan Purple! Seedsman freebie, how to train?

    what's your opinion 420? Freebie seeds I'd like to get the most out of these two plants growing great so far
  12. tealatlas

    First Grow!

    Hey everyone! I'm just starting my first grow. I've bought books, researched until 2am, and I'm tired. I'm growing a strain that I've never tried before, Dark Angel, in a 48"x48" tent, using a cheap BESTVA DC 2000 LED light. My fingers are crossed and I'm ready to go! Any first time...
  13. T

    Need some advise about 2 plant in one pot

    i got accident of germination so i have 2 seed in one pot 7 gallon in supersoil [photo plant] should i separate it or grow them together ? if i separate How to do it?
  14. D

    First grow, two problems on two plants, please help: veg stage

    Food: Sensi grow - from advanced nutrients BIOTONEX DENSO - from CANNABOOM Growing in soil, feeding about 0,5 gallons (2 liters) of water every 2-3 days 2,5 month in veg. stage Plant number one: Plant number two: I dont know what any of these signs means... when the first plant started...
  15. H

    ReVeg? Lack of Oxygen? Save my Room!

    Planted healthy looking teens about two weeks ago, they have been kept on a strict 18/6 Schedule while in Veg. Noticed that they were almost showing flower characteristics within a couple days, is this what Re Veg looks like? Or someone had also suggested maybe a lack of oxygen for certain...
  16. N

    Y’all have suggestions for a heater: Indoor grow

    I’ve gone a long time without a heater and I’m getting closer to transition. was wondering what would be the ideal heater for my indoor tent. 96x48x78 are the dimensions.
  17. I

    Nasty leaves on outdoor GG plant! Help!

    This is my 2nd time growing and have been spotting a bunch of shit on my leaves compared to my other 4 plants. They’re all the same size and grown in the same place but this one has little black dots of shit from insects and has white residue stuck on it. Today is the first time I look in really...
  18. B

    Pot size

    Okay, so I’m growing auto daiquiri lime and they are currently at the beginning of the flowering stage. They are in 5L plant pots however, I’ve started to notice the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot. At this stage should I be transplanting to a bigger pot size?? Or will this stress the...
  19. Jewgrow

    Slow & stretched growth of seedlings: please help

    I’m a first time grower and when looking at everyone else’s seedlings their leaves are right up against the first set, while mine are stretched and the leaves grow farther apart. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong and I’m sure it’s lack of light, but I wanna fix it ASAP. I’m almost two weeks...
  20. Greengrower021

    Need help

    I’m not sure what can be the cause of this deficiency but it’s showing more and more on the older leaf. This seedling is 18days old. It’s been on 24/24 cycle the entire time. I have added nutrients since day 14th (3part advance nutrient: micro, grow and bloom / cal mag/ root enhancement). ANY...
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