1. Janluna


    I will admit that I have been a little negligent with my watering practices, but I can asure you this has been a big learning curve. I have been trying to figure out what has been causing issues within Kali for the last couple of weeks. Quite honestly, I would of figured it out sooner if I had...
  2. 20211008_162826.jpg


    Freshly pressed peanut butter breath at 205 for 3.5 min 4 ton jack..still learning. But wow she is good knocked me.right in head ..well.wortj the return for 6 grams of bud..
  3. B

    Hello new friends

    I would like to introduce myself, I am bigdoosh696969 I would love to learn and see cool new things here. Please feel free to share anything interesting I should definitely check out here. Thanks! - bigdoosh696969
  4. T

    Recommended dist from plant with this lamp?

    Hey! Im not a pro on lights and such - or growing generally but 5 months now, wich is a good - bad, and fun prosess. I love to learn and never think i know enough. Thougts on my question about distance when using this lamp? :)
  5. IMG_20191006_171813.jpg


    Sour blueberry from neighbors clone he was given.
  6. B364892C-BB7C-4AE2-9EEF-E5AC132B6E4A.jpeg


    More root shots
  7. 57ACE599-6519-4D6A-A32C-CB043F14769E.jpeg


    Next up blue dream doing well hairs starting to turn now I call this around mid flower for her 4-5 weeks maybe @InTheShed
  8. M

    First Timer

    I'll just jump right into it This is not my first time growing and it won't be my last. Started out with a 6.5' x 6.5' x 6' tall room one light and a heater. Every couple of months I would add to my room and now feel im all set. 3) 40 watt UV light bars (lights of America) 1) 8 inch fan 1)...
  9. Hypopotodog

    2xNL Auto 1xRoyalGorilla 1xRoyalHighnessCBD 2018

    Hello readers welcome to my 1st Journal! I'm a little late to the party (month into veg) so apologies for the lack of content during the seedling stage. Here I have 2 Northern Lights autos growing along side 1 Royal Gorilla and 1 Royal Highness. Before you say anything, I am aware it will be...
  10. C


    Hi there, Corey from Mass. Looking forward to learning and growing... ;)
  11. counting12345

    Dropping by

    dropping by to say hello. finally i'm in. read a couple of threads and im learning a lot already. i love to write and this place is gold. :thumb:
  12. L

    Learning LOS Perpetual Grow With Ling Zhi

    Hi friends. I welcome you to my learning experience, learning the ropes of living organic soil indoors and outdoors. my goal is to work with nature to provide myself with enough medicine. I try to keep cost low and quality high. I always operate within the laws of my area and keep it legal...
  13. T

    The Hemp & Cannabis Fair - Salem, OR November 4 & 5

    WELCOME TO THC FAIR! Join us for a celebration of legal marijuana! You'll find hemp and cannabis products, accessories and tools, grow and harvest equipment, and more in our amazing expo hall. Then, take in some great sessions on growing, medicinal benefits, legal discussions and more! 21+ only...
  14. BirdNerd

    Hello and Thanks for being here!

    My name is Camille and I recently have become interested in growing. I only have one plant but have been having tons of fun learning so far. My baby is a female sativa that is 4-5 weeks in bloom. Looking forward to the community! Peace
  15. Hootel


    Hey there, I'm Hootel and I am very new to growing. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning to grow some quality meds.
  16. K

    Another site Newbie

    Good day all from Canada. New to the site and looking forward to learning and growing with you all.:thumb:
  17. J

    Oldie but newbie!

    Aloha all! I have been looking for a good chat location forever. Hope I have found it here! So brief introduction---going by jannabanana, living on Big Island, HI. I am very new to growing (this my 4th year growing in HI and looking forward to both learning and sharing. Now on to learning how...
  18. Isazam01

    Hey what's up everyone!

    Hey guys ! well iam 24 years old aim from los angeles currently working press operator i like smoking i started mi first grow a few months ago to save a little extra cash and for personal use and now i really like it and enjoy it and want to keep on growing and learning a teach others also...
  19. 8

    Hello to all

    This is my first post to this amazing community. U Yes, my 420 handle is like the song, now stuck in your head. You are welcome. I look forward to sharing my cannabis experiences with you all and learning tons about this magical plant. Thanks and peace. I am open to any advice about navigating...
  20. BikerBear

    Newbie Question - Is this a male plant?

    I'm still learning.... is this a male plant?
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