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  1. JustJus

    First Grow With LSD Fem

    Started my first grow Dec 5th and was wondering if my plants look good. Any advice would help me out tremendously! Started germination by placing seeds in a clean shot glass full of water. They sprouted 3 days later. Place seeds in seperate 3 gallon containers with nutiant rich soil. They are...
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  13. 187budz

    187's Second 400 HID DWC & Coco With LSD OG Kush & MBK

    Hello all 187 back again. Area: DIY 4'x3'x6' insulated grow box Lights: 400w MH/HPS Exhaust: 4" Inline Fan Medium: 5g DWC & 5g Coco/soil mix Nutrients: Advance Nutrients GMB Ph perfect & CX Wilt Guard, CX Regen-a-root, GH Armer Si Plants: 2 LSD, 2 OG Kush, 1 MBK (custom genetics) ((1 LSD &...
  14. T

    First Grow - Soil - LSD & Vanilla Kush 12/13/2017

    4 Barney's Farms LSD (fem): Skunk #1 X Mazar: Indica 70% Sativa 30%, and 3 Barney's Farms Vanilla Kush (fem): Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains: Indica 80% Sativa 20% Germinated seeds directly in soil mix (about 75% Fox Farms Light Warrior and 25% Fox Farms Ocean Forest) after soaking in...
  15. Pantagruel

    Pantagruel's Return - Pure Kush - LSD - Red Dragon - Blue Widow

    Back after a few years off. My wife's mom moved in with us and I lost my room. Just moved into a new house, got a decent grow space again. I've had some seeds in the crisper drawer for over two years now. Took a nice selection, Pure Kush, LSD, Red Dragon, Blue Widow. All 4 popped! Last of the...
  16. G

    Indoor - Soil - 600W HPS - LSD - Super Critical - Fruit Spirit - White Berry

    My second attempt to grow photos 8 Plants 2 x LSD 2 x SUPER CRITICAL 1 x FRUIT SPIRIT 1 x WHITE BERRY 1 x KAIA KUSH 1 x UNKNOWN SEED
  17. TennesseJed

    First Grow - Week 4 of flowering - Sour Diesel & White LSD

    Hi All, First time posting, long time lurking. This is my 1st grow in a really really really long time.... Setup 4x4 Grow Tent 600w HID / Air Cooled Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farm Nutrients, PHing the water down to 6.5 and about 1.6 EC on the nutrients, every other...
  18. MsLinda

    LSD Plant 7 - 8 weeks old

    I have 7 plants growing (4 different strains) and one of my LSD plants (only one of them) has leaves starting to yellow but the brown spots are puzzling me. In their lifespan, they've only been given Foxfarm Grow Big (half of what they noted) twice. Some of the tips yellowed so I stopped. I...
  19. I

    Manifolding LSD & Heavyweight Fruit Punch LED Organic

    STRAIN: 2 Barneys L.S.D INFO According to Herbies Type Indica Dominant Yield 700 gr/m2 Height 150 cm Flowering Time 60 Days Harvest Time End September Thc Content 23% Cbd Content 1.2% Genetics Skunk #1 x Mazar Effect Euphoric And Powerful Stone Smells Sweet, Musky Taste Intense Earthy...
  20. R

    I need help please! Thank you very much

    This LSD plant has started 2 weeks ago to have some purple stains on the green leafs. This is how looks now and i have no idea why, because I respected nutritents program. Also this is my 1st grow so i am a begginer. Please help me to fix this problem. Thank you very much !!! 4th week of flowering.
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