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  1. Growing well

    Growing well

    Debilitator Kush is in full flower. I am told by the breeder that she grows 1.5' in flower. She is definitely on her way. Gwillith is a tower.
  2. S

    Giggles Autopot Coco Blue Treacle Grow Journal 2018

    Hi everyone this will be my first grow, I have spent the last 4 months learning as much as I can about growing and the time has come to put it all into practice, I must admit I am a little nerves and excited all at the same time, I have only been on the site one day and everyone has been...
  3. Second light hung

    Second light hung

    What's better than one light? Two lights! Going from veg to flower , plants need more light.
  4. Quick peek

    Quick peek

    Quick look after second light was hung, much brighter.
  5. E4DE3386-16CB-40D0-9D0A-00FB68AAA724.jpeg


    My 3x3x6 tent hopefully run a blue dream by hso and possible a blue cookie by crop king seeds ? And hopefully three autos by Canuk seeds northern lights fems.
  6. 9C9B79A5-5638-4594-AA4E-D192381CC0A8.jpeg


    New light ufo120 up and running along side the wonderful mars hydro reflector 144 2xwidow bomb 2xthc bomb
  7. 425jesse

    Gorilla Bomb Garden Many Come From One

    Hello Grow-universe, time to start the next crop! This grow should keep me busy for 4-5 months or so, maybe a little more. I really enjoyed the last time I grew out the GB, but I didnt make a mommy and want to this time, as well as take a wicked set of clones off her to fill the chamber...
  8. Mootah

    Mootah's Three Tent Indoor Grow Featuring Debilitator Kush & Gwillith

    Welcome to my grow journal . You are probably wondering what I am growing. Debilitator Kush is Champagne OG x SFV OG, roots fast, fast growing, and fast flowering , about 56 days. Gwillith is my star, my work in breeding. Sharks Breath x Romulan x Sour Diesel, she gets huge, grows like a Sativa...
  9. 672E0169-3908-4B37-8B90-7B959FA80C5F.jpeg


    All cups flushed ppm out fo this coco was only 450 not 1400 liek lst winter nice . Need to buy one more bad and 10 litres of perlite which to 50 l bag of coco I estimate is around 20% perlite ratio I just did a ten percent ratio this run with 5 litres of perlite to 50 litres again not exact...
  10. B42EB93D-50C3-407F-8002-3D14BE90885F.png


    Mars hydro reflector 144 draws 298 watts true from wall or 720 I will explain in a video of my best understanding of comparing lights for its buck and what you get and efficiency as well.
  11. EFCE0B82-37CB-4FF0-8EEE-EA3B87461B50.jpeg


    More chemdawg I think everyone should have a chemdawg in thier stash / supply lol
  12. 887E2A2B-A67E-4623-95E3-5B8910F4286D.jpeg


    Getting some nitro def I think so might add some grow in next feed thoughts?
  13. Raze58

    Raze58 Purple Kush - LED Lights - Soil - 2018

    Hello and welcome to my Purple Kush mars hydro LED soil grow journal. The seeds were germinated on july 13th 2018 and sprouted up quickly. I did loose one due to it coming up with no leaf node or head at all for that matter, I see this alot with crop king seeds. The 4 that sprouted are...
  14. TheDarkMidge

    NL, Indoor, 4x4x80", Mars Hydro, DarkMidge

    This is my grow journal. Seedlings at about a week old right now.
  15. V

    4 X Skunk #1 Under Mars Hydro ProII 160+Hans 180W

    Hi all !! Grow space 160x70x200cm Light-Mars Hydro 160+hans180w Vent-Blauberg iso mix 125mm 380 m3/h silent 22dB+ 2 clip fan Temp25-28C ,hum40-50% Panel distance 50cm Soil-Biobizz Allmix Nutrient Biobizz Biogrow, bio bloom, topmax+bioheaven, Sensi Cal-Mag, Atami Alga C, Atami root stim...
  16. 4097B6E0-0673-49B0-BAEE-BBAAADB5C812.jpeg


    Added a 300 watt mars hydro on for extras light as trailer trash betty was stretching hard in hopes to reduce a bit light at 26 inches
  17. 340 Watts Mars II Series .jpg

    340 Watts Mars II Series .jpg

    Light swap...Marshydro LG-G14A140LED-5w 340 Watts Mars II Series . Took out one of my DormGrow 240s to add this.
  18. DSC_1073 copy.jpg

    DSC_1073 copy.jpg

  19. Thirstymuppet

    Thirstymuppet's Indoor Soil Grow Of 1 Cinderella99 & 1 Northern Lights 2018

    Alright folks:welcome: So I'm growing 2 plants. C99, I grew with my 1st journal. Very much on the cheap! No tent, minimal CFL lights. I picked up bits and pieces like a fan, temp sensor, fertilliser and most importantly knowledge along the way. It was just 2 plants in a box with a light! I got a...
  20. Peeece

    My First Auto March Madness - Lemon Drop, Gypsy Widow, Cheese, Amnesia

    Spring is in the air... finally after a beotch of a winter!! I'm going to run some Auto's as a quick fix to the long cold winter we had... I've been dying to start growing again, but I am also planning on a new grow room but am waiting to be able to work in half decent weather as I can't even...
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