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  1. TegridyGrower

    Hello 420 community!

    Hello all, I think I've read a lot of topics on this site (came here a lot of times after Google searches) and there's really a lot of great content here. I was active on another side, but got disappointed with the quality of the content there, hence, I decided to register here. I'm...
  2. D

    Sexing Question

    Hi all, glad to be a new member on the website. I just have a question about sexing. I would like to know if its possible that if I take a clone from each of my plants and straight up change the light cycle to 24 hours night if they will sex before they die? Or would it be best to first root the...
  3. RedZedHead

    About RedZedHead & Poll: Favorite Way To Consume Cannabis

    Hey guys, this is already posted on my profile but I thought I'd put it here as well, and I added more to it. About RedZedHead: Over the past year I have been diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and cannabis has saved my life through that painful period. I am since on SSRI's and...
  4. hydro91

    New member from the land down under

    Greetings 420 forums, Haven't introduced myself yet so felt like it was necessary as members here so far have been extremely helpful and I intend on staying here long term because of the members and the information at my disposal. I'm a 27 year old male from Australia, Very familiar with...
  5. Dankzilla40

    What's up 420

    Hey 420 i am new here and i got to say there is a ton of helpful information. Shout out to all the experienced well know members giving out solid advice and info. I just started my first ever grow and im excited to say the least. So stop by check in share info and make suggestions and i will try...
  6. Poparo

    New Grower: Excited To Learn

    Hi and welcome, I am completely new to this and very eager to get started, but patience is a virtue I am told. Well I have picked my place to grow indoors, going to use my closet. Closet space is 3 1/2 ft deep 6 1/2 ft long and over 8ft high. Planning on using a tent, and a vent with carbon...
  7. 420weedseeds

    Hi Fellow Stoners & Growers

    Hi Guys, I am New @420magazine. Just Want to say High to all fellow Stoners/growers. Cheers from The Netherlands :)
  8. L

    Hey hey happy new year! Need advice on plant

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I was wondering how/where to post if i am seeking advice on grows. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the...
  9. S

    New Guy wants to say Hi

    Hey all - Just wanted to say I love this site and have been reading it for a long time. Now I wanted to be more involved. I use marijuana for medicinal purposes and I am trying to find working ways to make my own vape juice. I am 100% behind legalization at the federal and each state level...
  10. R

    A beginner to novice Caregiver - That really does care!

    I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.... Now that I got that out of the way, I am a Legal Caregiver and Patient in the state of MI. The main reason I started growing myself was to help out my wives friends mother, we well call her Bertha, Bertha has cancer and she cant...
  11. A

    Cancer Patient - First Timer

    Hi all, I hope this is in the right place and greetings from the Pacific North West! I don't typically do this as I'm extremely reserved and usually reside under my rock but I'll start this off by saying that I was diagnosed May 25, 2015 with cancer (lymphoma) to my surprise and...
  12. C

    New member recently joined intro

    Hi guys joined about a week ago been lurking in the background creeping away thought it was time to man up and introduce myself. As the name suggests pretty messed up in the knee department as a result of a council van so growing for chronic pain ptsd depression plus im a stoner also she helps...
  13. Insanerooster

    Old new member is back

    Hi everyone I am back from a long forced break from the cannabis and 420 life, I went through a very harsh divorce that cost me my house and grow setup but I am back now and hopefully better than ever. I really can't wait to get catch up with old friends and make new ones. Well let the...
  14. M

    Greetings from Northern California

    Hi, I'm Masterspud. I live in the Bay Area. I smoke a bunch of weed and want to start growing my own. I read a lot in the forums. All the post have been great and helpful. I'm getting started building an LED stealth cab and should be ready to go next week. Looking forward to growing with the...
  15. P

    Stalk talk!

    hey guys i have 12 oz of stalk what should i do with it ? i want to make a tincture, I also have about an 8th of kief and a q of bud. what is the best way to use it all for one thing ?
  16. B

    New Member - A brief "get to know" & a vision of my future setup!

    Greetings & Salutations to all hither, I am a semi-recently new member of 420 mag forum. This will also be my first thread posting on the forum....I think...and would love to hear from all you salty vets out there with major league experience producing medicine. I got the privilege to be a...
  17. DukeMonroe

    Hello 420 Magazine!

    Hey guys and girls! I'm a male in his mid twenties and I've been smoking for at least 10 years. I've been reading 420mag for a while now and decided to finally join the forums! I had a first grow this year and am starting another one right now, I'll create my first grow journal for those...
  18. S


    hello, new member here. i'm 19 and looking to learn some stuff i don't already know . i restarted smoking weed earlier this year. around april and as a stoner, i think i'm pretty chill {my opinion) i wanna make all kinds of edibles i might even sell em if they're good enough but i do...
  19. BlueRaspberry

    Hello there (:

    Hello fellow 420 Mag. Members, :nomo: My name is Brittany, but I adore being called Kitten. I used to smoke marijuana for maybe a year? It was back in late 2013 into early 2014. I was a social smoker with a passion. One day when I was high and I got a panic attack, a horrible one at that.. I...
  20. B

    OG Kush, New Here!

    Hello guys, I just wanted to say hi and post my grow! It's a Og Kush, 6 weeks veg, and now 38 days of flower, dinafem seeds. It's my 2nd time and I want to get opinions and comments! 2 Bucket size 20lt My only concern , except that are 20 more days, my buds aren't really fat , I work on 400W...
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