1. P

    Advice on Nitrogen toxicity during week 9 flower

    Good morning! ☀️ I have been having issues with nitrogen toxicity for about a week. I go into week 9 flower tomorrow. Is this something I should be worried about? I’m waiting for the trichomes to turn more amber. The leaves are just curling and has a dark green tent on the edges where the...
  2. L

    What to do after flush? Nitrogen deficiency

    Strain: Royal Dwarf Auto Ph Water: 6.5 Nutrients: 2ml/L Biobizz Grow, 1.5ml/L Bloom, 0.7ml/L CalMag Soil: Biobizz Light mix Pots: Fabric Pots 7L One is 5 weeks old and the other one 6 weeks. Hi, Ive been battling what I suppose is a nitrogen deficiency for a couple of weeks now. In the...
  3. DarionOzb

    Do I need Nitrogen and Cal-Mag?

    Hi guys Im a new grower and I recently just entered week 2of the flowering stage with my one and only plant that made it out of the 4 I planted :( Unfourtanetly shes the one Ive caused the most damage to as well... From dropping her as a seedling, to breaking branches during early and late...
  4. Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry Nitrogen Toxicity.jpg

    Blueberry with a nitrogen toxicity.
  5. master kush.JPG

    master kush.JPG

    clawed master kush little over N
  6. ROSSM8

    N excess? How am I looking?

    What Strain is it? Bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 56 days If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 39 Days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor 3x3x6 Soil or Hydro? 70/30 COCO If...
  7. baxbax

    Can I use urea nitrogen in coco?

    just ordered synthetic urea nitrogen and decide using it in coco it's only nitrogen source i'm going to use for grow plus some pk , will urea work fine in coco ? I know hesi tnt has 100 urea nitrogen in it and is recommended for coco by company , will urea provide nitrogen in coco as well as soil ?
  8. O

    Is .85% nitrogen in potting soil too much?

    I have some plants that are overdue to be transferred and was wondering if potting soil with .85% nitrogen is too much. Some of them are going in 3 gal pots and some in 5 gal. Is there a way to remove nitrogen from the soil if they get nitrogen toxicity? Should I just use different soil with...
  9. Q

    Hot soil problems

    how does someone deal with too much nitrogen in soil? if you were to use bat guano that had a high nitrogen content, and it was toxic to your plant, how would you go about removing all that excess nitrogen? if 2 cups were added, 1 midway through veg, one at the beginning of flower and now there...
  10. I

    Is Treasure Island from Sin City Seeds nitrogen sensitive - Claw

    Hi fellow growers! :) I am on my 3rd grow, this time running some Treasure Island. I am wondering if this TI is more sensitive to nitrogen. I am running the same nutes in hydro as previous runs with other strains (FN Micro/Grow/Bloom) at less than 1000 ppm in 4th week of flower. I am starting...
  11. P

    Chemdawg 15 Gallon Pot

    I have a chemdawg plant in a 15 gallon pot of Black and Gold she is in her 2nd week of flowering and has had a few yellow leaves but is progressing over time... I have added nitrogen multiple time so that is not the problem. Thought it was manganese or iron so I just bought some bioAg tm-7 2days...
  12. J

    Nitrogen deficiency lockout

    I was planning to switch to flower in 2 days. I watered yesterday but didn't use any nitrogen. Today leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Can I start flowering without fixing the nitrogen problem?
  13. MrSwishaa

    Abandoned Using Miracle Grow Seed Starting Potting Mix For Autoflower - Need Advice

    Thi is what I have so far; MG- seed starting potting mix- nitrogen( 0.03%) AV phosphorus- 0.03%, and soluble potash - 0.03% MG sphagnum peat moss - nitrogen (0.19%) AV phosphate- 0.11%, Soluble potash-0.15% Sta-Green Vermiculite Miracle grow perlite - nitrogen (0.07%) AV phosphate -...
  14. N

    Help! Nitrogen Deficiency?

    Hey there everyone, these are feminized seeds of Easy-E. They were thriving for the longest while until the 4th week of Veg. The bottom leaves are turning yellow. Growth has been stunted. The Stems of the leaves are turning red. The leaves are also drooping. I thought it might be Nitrogen...
  15. N

    Help! Is this plant healthy?

    Hello! I've been doing my first grow since May. I was given the seeds from someone who knew nothing about cannabis and called them 'white spider', so I assume he meant white widow. Out of 15 seedlings that survived seeds 12 have showed clear female pre-flowers with two pistils each (nothing yet...

    Completed Bean's WW Grow

    My basic personal grow for medical marijuana Test run Tent 1.2m/1.2m 6ft high Light 1 hps 600w Extractor with carbon filter Average temp 30c/40c Ph from tape water 6.3/ to 6.7 average In my area Just a bit of information for now Strain White widow Unknown...
  17. G

    Yellowing & browning but unsure why

    Hi there, new here, first grow. Soil Grow (Vigoro Organic Potting Mix & Perlite) @ about 2 months in... Blueberry fem Indica Only growing three plants in a 3x3 space. Lighting: Apollo Horticulture GL80LED Full Spectrum 240W LED Grow Light (supplemented with big full-spectrum compact...
  18. coralman

    Leaf tip bent down

    6 cheese bomb in 5gallon pots day 15 of 12/12 and day 8 of showing flower. Leaf tips are bent down, they were fine yesterday so happened overnight. From what i understand the only thing it could be is nitrogen toxicity but i last fed them 10 days ago with 2ml/l of fish mix and theyv been...
  19. H

    First grow - Not sure what's wrong

    Hi guys, I am new here on the forums and a first time grower. I got 2 seeds started just 2 weeks ago, and I've started encountering problems with both my plants. I will try and give you as much information as possible and include pictures. To start with, some basic info about my setup...
  20. C

    Need Help With Nutrients! Composting for a soilless mix.

    I've got 2 plants under a 450w Maxsisun Led in a 2'x2'x3' Mylar Tent. Both Plants in smart pots with 50/50 ph adjusted sphagnum peat moss and perlite. One is Auto Somango and the other is Fem Afghan Cow. Both plants in early vegetative, although the auto was stunted early on they are about even...
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