Is .85% nitrogen in potting soil too much?


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I have some plants that are overdue to be transferred and was wondering if potting soil with .85% nitrogen is too much. Some of them are going in 3 gal pots and some in 5 gal. Is there a way to remove nitrogen from the soil if they get nitrogen toxicity? Should I just use different soil with less and add nitrogen?
Um, a little bit of arithmetic should answer that one.
If you have a kilo of soil that's .85% N, that .0085*1000=8.5 grams of N.
Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (the kind people like to make bombs out of) is 34% N, so you'd need 25 grams of fertilizer to get that much nitrogen (because 34% of 25 grams is 8.5 grams.)

So what you've got, effectively, is 25 grams--about an ounce--of ammonium nitrate fertilizer added to each kilo (2.2 pounds) of soil.

About half an ounce of fertilizer in each pound of soil doesn't sound like a super big dose to me, but you decide. I suspect you'd be OK, though.
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