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kaiser soze

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So I've run into a court of issues with my plants and I'm starting to think my soil is too much for them. One got badly burnt after heat stress, but is rebounding somewhat. The other on is now showing serious nitrogen toxicity. Anyone have some recommendations for soil that's not quite as hot?
You could dilute the soil with some peat or coco based soilless mix. I'm partial to ProMix HP that has lots of coarse perlite, dolomitic and calcilitic limestone, a wetting agent and Myco.

If you can't move the plants then flushing with plain water will reduce the level of all nutrients and the runoff could be fed to other plants or veggies.

If it's burning I would flush a full volume of the pot thru it then to wash out some of the nutes and tone it down.

Water until the plant is saturated then pour the same amount of water as the volume of the pot thru. Catch the runoff and feed it to other plants.

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