1. Homegrown86

    Need opinions please

    Looking for as many opinions as possible!!! I had a clone go hermie so i got rid of it but now two male sacs have shown up on the mother plant. (see picture) I just wanted to hear the opinions of others before getting rid of the plant, Should i cut my losses or just ripped the male sacs off as...
  2. M

    Are they ready?

    Hi all very excited here as this is my first grow. Please can u give me your opinions if these are ready to harvesr. It's an indica on day 40. Thanks all.
  3. C

    Looking for some educated opinions

    Got a Mean Well 320H-36b driver. currently NO potentiometer hooked up to it. Have 2 cobs, Citizen CLU048-1212 properly hooked up to their heatsink. When wiring just one cob from the driver, brown driver lead to positive, negative to blue driver lead, the cob powers up brightly. When...
  4. Y

    Sour Diesel LST - Forum opinions on my LST baby

    Hey guys. I wanted to hear from you guys about my baby , 39 days from seed. what do you think? does it look healty or do you guys have any opinions to make it more efficient? Sour Diesel feminised from 420 september 3 sprout topped two times ~210 w cfl - 18/6 schedule bio bizz...
  5. F

    My first grow - Opinions please

    First grow northern lights feminised seed I am looking for other people's opinion on how there looking Can any one tell if there female or male when I checked I can seed like little hairs starting There out the tent for photos
  6. Q

    Let's talk LEDs

    My next grow will be with LEDs and I'm looking for opinions on the best ones and general info about them all and any info welcome
  7. K

    Hi everyone! Opinions and tips wanted

    I am new to growing and excited to learn as much as possible!! It is really awesome watching these amazing plants grow!! Hope you all have a great day!! Here's a few pictures of my first current grow! Opinions and tips always welcome
  8. J

    Generally new to the game

    Second grow under cfl lights opinions welcome
  9. K

    Hey all - Opinions needed

    I am getting ready to place my seed order for the upcoming season and I'm looking for opinions on some bad ass weed, ( sorry tommy). I'm looking for some laughing type stuff and some, who that's some deep shit weed. All opinions and facts appreciated. I grew some LSD and was not as triply as...
  10. K

    Automatized Weed Grow Closet

    I'm starting to build an arduino based grow closet, and I wanted to pass my variables through you guys so you can give me opinions, more variables I should consider, or if some of those are unnecesary. This is information I've been gathering from everywhere, including Jorge Cervantes' Bible...
  11. J

    Help with quitting anti-depressants?

    Hi.. Just looking for (hopefully) a bit of advise and/or information. I have for a while now suffered with chronic depression and anxiety. For some time i have been taking anti-depressants, i have tried a few now (Citalopram, Sertraline and Mirtazapine). To be honest I don't want to take...
  12. Scrogdawg

    Is it time to flip to 12/12? Your thoughts please

    Its getting near that time and I'd like to ask for the opinions of the more knowledgeable than I. This is 2 Crop King White Widows in day 59 of veg in RDWC. I have done some heavy defoliage so most of whats there are potential bud sites. I'd say the screen about 70% full right now. There are...
  13. S

    Is my plant looking healthy so far?

    just curious, it looks fine to me. but im just looking for other opinions.
  14. R

    Senators Visit Cincinnati To Hear Medical Marijuana Opinions

    Two state senators are stopping in Cincinnati as part of an effort to gather public opinions about medical marijuana. Republican Sen. Dave Burke, of Marysville, and Democratic Sen. Kenny Yuko (YOO'-koh), of Richmond Heights, are holding a forum Thursday at the University of Cincinnati. The...
  15. Lazarus13

    White Widow nute inquiry

    Any of you experienced grower out there who have ever grown white widow... Is she a hungry kind of lady or a light eater? I'm trying to figure out if i should run my feeds higher or lower. Opinions on decent ppms for early and late veg and early/late flowering welcome. Thanks and stay green...
  16. D

    Ddosed's First Grow - Week 4 Flowering - White Widow - Mystery Sativa

    Hey everyone, I vegged my White Widow girls in early April this year. I didn't have the greatest amount of light at first... and they were the 2 strongest of a batch of 10 seeds that did not germ correctly, weeks later I started these two mystery seeds who have grown into Sativas and in 6 weeks...
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