Help with quitting anti-depressants?


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Just looking for (hopefully) a bit of advise and/or information. I have for a while now suffered with chronic depression and anxiety. For some time i have been taking anti-depressants, i have tried a few now (Citalopram, Sertraline and Mirtazapine). To be honest I don't want to take SSRI's as they seem to increase my anxiety and make me extremely socially anxious (something I never experienced before using SSRI's). I currently still take Mirtazapine but have recently tried to come off of it. I found that the withdrawal was increasing my symtoms dramatically (even though on the advice of my doctor i did taper the dose but may have tappered too quickly). NASSA's are known for the horrible side effects and withdrawal and is part of the reason why i no longer want to take them. Im also consious of the effects that prolonged use of these chemicals has on the rest of your body (ie kidneys).

I have smoked on and off over the years and have found it to help (instantly) but being in the UK and laws as they are means that finding information on medicating with marijuanna limited and almost always biased (cannabis is the gateway drug etc etc). I know that my best bet would be sativas (as per some forums i have read on here) but the real question is does it actually help? Could it help with the transition off of prescription medications? And also any personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Also I dont intend on only using marijuanna, I am looking into alternative therapies as well such as meditation, exercise etc.. Any advise on these also would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
The best option is to grow your own, even a small amount. Tending to a plant that provides you with medicine is one of the most amazing experiences & provides an object of contemplation, which can serve as a meditation help.

The dual benefit of growing and then consuming your own medicine could help your mental health (As long as you don't tell anyone)

Try to find a UK Cannabis Club in your local area, if you don't have the possibility to grow yourself.
I'm sure the right strain will help you with your condition. I'm in the UK too and we have no choice but to grow our own. Keep it small. Two plants under a 400w HPS will give you a nice stash of meds :)

Perhaps look at Blue Dream or something similar, i find that a very happy, uplifting strain and keeps me alert. Also, look into CBD rich strains

Best wishes
I have been on antidepressants for decades. After I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, I started smoking. An amazing side effect was that my depression I have suffered from all of my years as an adult has started to lift. Despite my misery of post brain surgery side effects, my overall outlook on life is better. Unfortunately, the side effects of trying to get off the Sertaline have been pretty unbearable, even slowly cutting back. I'm down to 50mg/day.

I smoke exclusively Sativa. I have also found that edibles and vapes really don't work for me. Yeah, they get me high, but don't relieve the malaise that missing part of nervous system has left me with.

I have just started my own grow because I moved to a state where it's illegal - long story. So does it actually help? It has changed my life and strengthened my marriage! I'd have to say yes. These are things I never thought I'd say. I smoked weed in my youth to get high, be rebellious, etc. It wasn't medicine. Today is a different story and I honestly believe I would have killed myself shortly after brain surgery had it not been for this amazing plant.
Hey bud look up a guy on here imhigh85 explain what your looking for and he can point you in the direction of what strains to go for. Look for his cloning for dummies
I would recommend slowly reducing your meds, very slowly reducing your dose by a few mgs a week. That way you don't get the terrible rebound effect that ultimately push you back to the pills. I suffered terrible side effects from SSRI's , I became ultra aggressive and was like a rabid Rottweiler ! Have a good look at some of the med plants available, they can really help you ease off the pills and get your life back. Good luck..
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