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  1. CharlieG

    Yellowing leaves on my first grow - Any concern?

    Strain - candy cane auto # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - 1 300w led and 1 600w led Nutrients - canna Flores just starting giving them CMX. Medium - canna terra professional. black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. PH - water I try to...
  2. 6

    DWC autoflower help needed!

    Hi this is my first time posting so if i do anything wrong be sure to correct me on the The issue i have some autoflowers an been having some issues over the last week which i thought was nute burn but i cut the nutes by 50% an the problems still there my ppms are around 400 ive beeb using...
  3. one.jpg


    Before added Fertilizer
  4. H

    Hi fellow cannabis lovers I need your help

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and it's a pleasure to be part of this community. I have read many posts from this site before in my initial investigations into growing cannabis so I decided to create an account and hook myself up with some serious growers and hopefully some great advice...
  5. M

    150W CFL Grow

    At first I got off to a rocky start with this grow. They was in CoCo for 2 weeks with no nutes and straight tap water after I Germenated and on the verge of death lol 4 weeks later here I am. This is my 3rd grow but other than the lights it's a completely new setup. I built the box with scraps I...
  6. N

    Newbie! Help in choosing lights

    I'm planning to start my grow, I need your expert opinions on this grow light. Its specifications are the following: Luminous flux: 18000lm Band spectrum: 630nm, 460nm, 660nm Red and blue ratio: 294 : 74 Light Source: LED Bulbs Voltage: 85-265V Wattage: 400w (true 140 watts) Product...
  7. R

    Half of one of the leaves color is turning to pale green

    it\'s about three days that I\'ve changed the light to 12/12 and now half of one of the leave\'s color is changing to pale green. also, top leaves are all pale green...can anyone tell me what it is and what should I do?!
  8. U

    I would like more lighting - But how?

    I am going to be getting a 600watt LED Mars Hydro, the original series, but I have read quite frequently that its not strong enough for the flowering stage. I'm think CFL's, 2700k as I think I'll have enough lighting for a good Veg cycle. I'm not wanting to spend much money for additional...
  9. T

    Help with autoflower grow - 2nd attempt - New grower

    Bought feminized mix autoflowers from CK. 2x4 tent 600W LED ffof mixed with light warrior more perlite 3 gal fabric pots 6 inch fan temp 75f tried trainwreck autos a month ago. only one germinated. stunted the plant to 4 inches tall started to flower gave it away try again with new seeds...
  10. T

    First timer here

    Hello, I am new on this forums and I see there is a lot of usefull stuff to read. I have 2 plants both autoflower, planted them about 10 days ago. I got some questions about fertilizers and netting, I am also open to your recommendations. So the question about netting is - when should I do it ...
  11. G

    First Time Grow

    Hey y'all! I have been lurking around on here for quite some time now, and have finally decided to go ahead and attempt to grow me a plant! Super excited for the journey! I plan on growing one auto flowering Durbon Poison in a 5 gallon Smart Pot. I will use a combination of Fox Farm Ocean...
  12. R

    Please help - Is my plant a hermie?

    hey guys...i'm a first time grower and i think my plant is a hermie...would you pleas tell me...?!! it's in second week of are some pictures...
  13. J

    Help with quitting anti-depressants?

    Hi.. Just looking for (hopefully) a bit of advise and/or information. I have for a while now suffered with chronic depression and anxiety. For some time i have been taking anti-depressants, i have tried a few now (Citalopram, Sertraline and Mirtazapine). To be honest I don't want to take...
  14. D

    Trouble With Edibles

    Back in the day I loved my brownies and other MM lased foods, but i had a Gastric Bypass 9 years ago and recently became legal in my state. So I have tried the foods offered and the oils as most everything they have with no effect? I know there are many forms of this surgery, mine is a true...
  15. M

    Help, advice or both?

    Im Billy, in my mid 50s with 25 years experience in horticulture. I worked as a consultant for many nurseries and think selling starters in 2" to 4" flats may be where I fit in the industry. I retired from the business after the housing bubble bust in the mid 2000s. I work in social media now...
  16. M

    Just some questions before I start

    Hi I'm nearly set up. Just wanna sort a couple things out before I start my first grow. im growing autoflower. Not sure what seed yet. Probably might be candy kush auto or fast buds west coast OG auto. Will be ordering from herbies. 1= my tent is 80cmx80cm and 160cm tall. I'm using a mars...
  17. PagoTheRandy

    First Ever Grow - Coco Coir - Complete Journal - Feedback Very Welcomed!

    I will be documenting my entire grow from setup to harvest. I have done what seems like days of reading on exactly what i want to do but seeing as this is my first grow I would love recommendations and pretty much feedback in general. :welcome: My setup so far is as follows: 3x 100w 2700k...
  18. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's - Crown Royal - Closet - Soil - Grow

    STRAIN:CROWN ROYALE FEM FLOWERING TIME: 9 Weeks INDICA/SATIVA: 70% Indica EFFECT: Strong Indica THC: Strong 21.50% CBD: 2.10% CBN: 0.17% COUNTRY: Canada POTENTIAL YIELD: up to 500gr indoor/400gr outdoor GENETICS: Blueberry X Purple Kush STAGE: 3 Weeks into veg / indoor SOIL: Canadian...
  19. E

    Chicago Doctors who will sign application

    Why is it that all of the doctors in Chicago, IL are paranoid (like they've been smoking way too much bud) to sign applications stating patents have xyz medical conditions? Their excuses are "I don't know how much to prescribe"or "I can get in trouble"... uhhhh they do not prescribe ANYTHING...
  20. G

    Flowering with issues

    Hello everyone, just a kwik question about one of my baby girls. I have two under 400 W high-pressure sodium and one looks good and one looks terrible, I've got a small srcog system I'm trying out ( for the first time if you couldn't tell LOL ). But I thought maybe I was scorching the plant with...