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  1. Unknown Pest

    Unknown Pest

  2. IMG_20190719_115744.jpg


    Is this a bad predator? Just hanging out on the pot .
  3. S

    New bud sites turning brown

    What Strain is it? Blueberry, GG#4 How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 2 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Canna Coco Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many? LED, one 320W and 2 195W Is it Air Cooled? Fan vented...
  4. Cannygrow


    Hey guys I need a trained eye to let me confirm or deny my suspicions I think I might have some mites in my tent. I have no experience in this but my plants is exhibiting small holes with yellowing around them you can see some of it in the pictures. And help advice ?!
  5. NorCal0324

    My pig ate my cannabis plant: Can it survive?

    Yes... you read that right. My lovely pot belly pig snuck in and ate an entire cannabis plant I was about to switch to flowering. There are a few nodes left, one small leaf, and some tiny sprouting leaves at the nodes. Is it worth even trying to see if it can rebound? And yes, I've already...
  6. 64E0F1B6-B3FD-498F-8E74-E6BEEA49821A.png


    Close up of aphid
  7. S

    Yellow spots? Help!

    Hey everyone, my plants are around 35 days old from germination. I just started noticing a few leaves had some yellowish spots on them. I removed the affected leaves, and I'm posting pictures of them. Any help with diagnosing this problem would be great, thanks.
  8. 5E25CD6D-BD41-46CD-9922-3919606EEA2C.jpeg


    More pics of me trying to show you all what I’m dealing with
  9. 5E29F426-2721-4F24-8FEA-9DB2675D5DCD.jpeg


    Thirps and mites loom the same at babies . Only about 10 or less I saw today . Neem oil re applied tomorrow alcohol again
  10. Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage
  11. Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage - need a diagnosis!
  12. tent cat.jpg

    tent cat.jpg

    Forest Tent Caterpillars
  13. Troy01

    Help Identify Bug

    I'm on my first indoor grow and have 2 plants (Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum) that are in week 2 of flowering stage. The plants are growing well and are about 4 feet tall and forming nice buds. I have some type of pest that I am unable to identify. It appears like something sucking the...
  14. B

    Is this some kind of nutrient deficiency?

    This girl have already got nute burns (lost few pair of leaves) and then it grew up new healthy leaves for like a week and then it seem to be sick again. ) oh after it recover from note burn i moved it to a lot bigger pot (about a gallon) and i water them lesser time but lots of it each...
  15. C

    Is this a pest?

    The image show it, is this a pest? I doesn't move even when removed from the leaves
  16. 4

    Clones from dispensaries - Northern California - Current health status

    First time grower here. I have read previous threads regarding buying clones from dispensaries. I understand that there is an inherent risk of buying clones with some form of pest of disease. If I were to take that chance, which clubs should I go to in the bay area? Are pest and diseases from...
  17. S

    Name This Pest?

    Guys I need some info on this pest, I've looked around and didn't find anything quite like it. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  18. RRolex215

    Indoor grow major bug problem

    Hi 420 members, I am in need of advise on what I should do with the pest problem I have. To start with Thrip, Spider Mites an Aphids. I have tried using insecticidial soaps, things seems to have worsen. this is in my flowering room, I am 5 days away from harvest on 3 plants...
  19. P

    My organic pest killer

    I was experimenting and i made this great pest killer all bugs died in 2 days. Recipe in 1 liter water you add 5ml dish soap and you add 1 tea bag Valeriana. Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to...
  20. Justones

    Moving outside need natural pest control

    Had to move outside the dome tent. Needed more room & wanted more sun. Now I need pest control. Natural would be good. Flowering just began a week ago. I have been keeping a keen eye on small worm/caterpillar like munchers..also had a few spiders. I find looking from the bottom up towards the...
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