1. Maelasae

    Seedling with red stem/root?

    Doesn't seem to have any type of other problems, and is otherwise growing normally? Just seemed weird because I have 6 other seedlings all with a green/whitish stem. It's pretty, but I hope this isn't an indicator of something wrong.
  2. R

    Soil and nutrients

    I am ready to order the grow room and supplies. But I have a question because I am a bit confused. The dirt! (I was raised in New Jersey so it is dirt! Not soil!) I looked at grow kits from “A Pot for Pot” and four-five gallon pots would run close to $300. These are, according to their website...
  3. G

    Has anyone tried making thc soda with infused sugar?

    I want to try making a tincture using 40% alcohol vodka and make canna sugar out of it but I'm not sure if that will work to infuse if I just mix it into a drink or if it would separate or not?
  4. S

    Temp question

    Hello my friends. i had a quick question about ideal temperature in a grow space. i have to temp readers in my tent. one near the top/middle of the canopy. and one right next to the plant on the floor. the one that is on the floor will sometimes reach as high as 84F , and the one near the...
  5. WalterGamer8

    Question about watering from a brand new grower!

    Hey guys :) Im about to start my first grow in my closet in 4 days when my seeds come in. I’ve researched everything and a spent a lot of time and money for the resources and everything. I was just wondering how much water do use to water plants during the seedling, vegetative, and flowering...
  6. J

    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    Hello, Brand new Canadian grower here. I have been researching a lot for this upcoming season but keep getting anxious and overwhelmed about the amount of options for a growing medium. I will be growing autos in pots outside and in soil but still have not decided on the specific type of soil...
  7. T

    Cannabis strings?

    I've been smoking since I was 12 and I've always occasionally found a white stretchy string in my buds. Sometimes I would attempt to carefully remove the string and, if I did it right, there would be a little crystal ball on the end. I've only successfully removed one with the ball attached a...
  8. T

    Looped trichomes?

    sorry it's not a very good picture, but doesn't it look like that trichome has a loop on the end of it? I did some research and I can't find anything. Has anyone else seen this happen or is there a name for it? I've looked at all the different types and none of them are known to loop. At least...
  9. W

    Not sure what to do, help please!

    How’s it going everybody! I’m fairly new to growing and have my own first grow tent up and running now, growing 5 Cotton Candy Kush. It’s a 4x4 with 1000w dimmable ballast, only running mh at 750 during veg currently. About 16 days in now since sprouting and have on 18/6 in fox farm ocean forest...
  10. ZackaryOX

    Help Needed: First Time Grower, Issues & Solutions!

    SPECS/TEMPS/NUTES/MEDIUM: Light: 1000w Tolys full spectrum LED Medium: At first promix in the solo cups, but now have switched to FOXFARM's Happy Frog Nutes: General Hydroponics flora micro/gro/bloom, Cal-Mag and PH Down for adjustments. Strain: Lemon Jack Temps: 72F(22.22C) to 78F(25.56C) with...
  11. C

    Question about ppm

    Hello growers I have a question regarding auto flowers and what should the runoff ppm be? My runoff was 3000 ppm the meter read 250-300x10 on 2 different meters. I was using hard well water with a ppm of 300 but recently got a 5 stage water filter that brings the ppm to 0ppm but raises the ph...
  12. D

    Can bacteria enter a germed taproot?

    can bacteria enter a germed taproot by touching it or if it falls to the ground?
  13. magicfingers

    Green Crack - Week After Planted Still Have Seed On Top - HELP

    Hello! Was just wondering if it is normal for it to take a week (and a day) or longer for the seed to completely pop off of the plant and for it to show it's first set of leaves. I attached a few images to help you grasp what I mean - please help! Worried I did something wrong. I put them under...
  14. K.puff&stuff

    Question about Par

    High guys I have a question on lumens My plant are reading around or are getting around 470 max 520 lumens at 24 plus inches The reason I'm doing this is because I want them to be slow in growing so that they can go outside in the spring Friend is saying I should bring the light lower to get...
  15. Th3Grow3rNooB

    LED Blurple & COB Mix

    Hey guys, looking to get another light for the grow room, have already got two Vira 300 LEDS, was going to get a 3rd. Question, could i get a COB and chuck it in the middle ? If so, would it have to be same power ? Kind of a silly question maybe as i just thought of course i could, but would it...
  16. N

    Lucas Formula Feeding Question

    Ok probably a dumb question, but wanted to try the Lucas Formula in a soil setup, but what I don't see mentioned in any material I have read is how often do you feed with this solution, is it at every watering, or every second or third watering?. I appreciate at the seedling stage it would be...
  17. J

    Trimming prior to flower flip questions

    What Strain is it? Skunk #1 Fems from Seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? "mostly Sative" How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 1 week Indoor or Outdoor? indoor Soil...
  18. Ron Strider

    IL: Cook County Voters To Be Asked Next Year About Legalizing Marijuana

    Cook County voters will get their say on whether recreational marijuana use should be made legal for adults in Illinois, after commissioners on Wednesday voted to put that question on the March primary ballot. Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the advisory referendum. Board President...
  19. Ron Strider

    IL: Question About Legalizing Marijuana Could Go On Cook County Ballots

    Cook County commissioners on Wednesday will decide whether to put on the ballot a question asking voters if recreational marijuana use by people 21 and older should be legalized. The referendum is advisory only, so weed would not become legal if the question is approved in the March 20...
  20. HigherTheHigh

    Question for high quality growers - Flushing question

    Hello all! Im back with a question that i could really use help with. I flipped 12 skunk xl on the 13th september making them 11 weeks old around todays date, i flipped them when they were only around 4 weeks from seed, iv never had a seed take so long to show sex like this strain. I am...
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