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  1. SeedsMan

    Seedsman Strains - Indica To Sativa

  2. K

    Regular household LED bulbs or CFL for small veg area?

    I'm thinking of finally building a small veg area (up to 4 small plants). Has anyone had any luck with regular LED bulbs and if so what color temps? The other two possibilities I'm thinking of are CFL or maybe a t5 florescent fixture. Thanks!
  3. Jackalope

    Regular seeds

    One of the oldest strains I grow is only in regular seeds. I forget just how wonderful this strain can be. The most special thing is these regular seeds usually run around 80% female. I have seen other strains bred by the same breeder that do it also. I have also run across this with major...
  4. F

    Cal mag

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place and please direct me if I am. I was wondering if cal mag can be used when you apply your regular feeding or does it need to be added by it self with ph water thanks in advance
  5. W

    Grow lights

    I was wondering if anyone has has combined a couple of black lights with regular florescent grow lights:thumb:
  6. G

    Hello from Vancouver Island

    I'm 72 and grow 4 outdoor plants annually to alleviate seizures and arthritic pain. Weirdest thing with this year's plants 2 different species. Bought them as clones and when I planted them in late April, the leaves on both types were nothing like a regular leaf. After a month 2 plants of the...
  7. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Licenced Producters genetics?

    Has anyone grown out any of the offerings from the LP's in Canada? The wife is currently with CannTrust and their Sensi star sounds like it might be good. At 60$ for three regular seeds i know I'm getting ripped off but that's the rules:;): Shes looking for relief from ptsd and insomnia.
  8. Cannapot

    The Cali Connection - New Delivery & Haute Genetiques

    Hi there! We just received a punch of new packs by The Cali Connection and Haute Genetiques :cheer2: 1.) The Cali Connection @ Cali Connection - kaliforniens beste Hanfsamen kaufen Pre 98 Bubba REGULAR is back on stock: Pre 98 Bubba BX2 [The Cali Connection] : Hanfsamen kaufen - Cannapot...
  9. dieselskunk

    1st Skunk Bud

    skunk#1 regular soil with dyna grow.
  10. weblock420

    Seed question

    Hey 420, I know this has been asked here in the past (i've read enough threads hah) but... If a genetic (not stressed) hermaphrodite pollinates a true female what are the resulting seeds likely to be? Regular Regular with hermy tendencies Female Female with hermy tendencies...
  11. H

    How careful do you need to be with regular seeds?

    Hi folks I'm starting a new grow at the moment I have had two small grows previously, I have 4 Auto's at about 3-4 weeks currently, Ive room for one or two more plants and decided to try some regular seeds, I'm thinking of trying to go organic and only use regular seeds for future grows...
  12. J

    Turned lights off a hour late on 12/12 - Problem?

    Hey im a week into flowering after vegging for 5 weeks, yesterday instead of getting up to turn my lights off when my alarm went off i fell back asleep and woke up in a frenzy about 50 minutes later. I stayed with my regular cycle and turned the lights on at the regular time so will this have...
  13. A

    Method to clean my system

    I swallowed a bag of weed approximately (0.7 grams) I have the whole weekend when I induced the bag wensday night. I should be getting tested on Monday or Tuesday. Im not a regular smoker haven't smoked in months so what should I do to not give a diluted urine.
  14. GrizzWald

    Regular indica autos

    im looking for the most pure indica auto in a regular seed, all suggestions are appreciated, thanks :48:
  15. PacificPeach

    Question about veg time for regular flowering varieties?

    Hi, I have been growing auto-flowers for the past few months so I've been doing a little hands on learning with those. However, I have a question about regular flowering plants. The main reason I am asking is because I ran out of auto-flowering seeds, but I have 10 regular seeds left. The...
  16. Chedah

    First Grow Regular MK Ultra

    Hi guys and gals, long time reader first time poster, and grower. I've got a grow tent and 600w hps lights and and extractor fan and have got 3 regular mk ultra plants growing as far as I can tell they are doing pretty well (I hope lol). They are just under four weeks from germination do they...
  17. T

    Genetics of a feminized vs regular strain

    I am going to do a cross soon. Just got the seeds from Herbies. here is my question: If using feminized seeds and crossing with a regular male. I assume that the offspring would be of the regular type. Hoping that some of the new seeds will be regular so the cross breeding can continue.
  18. L

    Need help to breed autoflowers

    Hello guys, I'd love some help to breed autoflowers. I have regular autoflowers (Himalayan blue diesel). Will I get regular, stable autoflowers if I manually pollinate the female using the male? Or, will they be unstable? Should I just look at colloidal silver to get feminised seeds and...
  19. J

    Photoperiod vs autoflower germination rates

    Fellow growers,quick question for anyone that grows both auto and photo type. Do photo period cannabis seeds take longer to germinate than regular seeds? I have to regular seeds in rockwool and they have popped but haven't grown. Usually within 2 or 3 days they are already seedlings with the...
  20. M

    5 Gallon bucket refills - Nute water or regular pH water?

    Hi, I have an Aurora Indica and she is currently in Week 4 of flower. I have her on a 5 gallon bucket, I usually add 4 gallons of water with every feed, once a week. However lately she has been drinking 1.5 gallons of water every 3 days more less. When I fill her up should I add just...