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  1. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  2. Reducing RSO

    Reducing RSO

    Reducing the RSO
  3. Final reduction RSO

    Final reduction RSO

    Almost done , added a splash of pure to water to help evaporate the rest of the alcohol
  4. RSO syringes

    RSO syringes

    Big Blue,Debilitator Kush,Pitt Boss OG,Blue Dream, and Lambs Bread RSO
  5. C

    How to make CBD + THC oil?

    Hi, After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without...
  6. K

    RSO Oil

    Hello friends, I want to find out a very important matter, that are prepared oil rso filters 220 microns from all the garbage (leaves and branches trunks branches) and then from the liquid that remains 25 micron filters and the liquid left over to put on heating. My question with what is left in...
  7. Gorilla Seeds

    RSO with Magical Butter Machine?

    I'm sorry if this is already posted - I don't have the time or energy to keep searching today. Our dog Jack who we treat like a second child just got a cancer diagnosis - tumors on his lungs in the X-rays & it looks like it may have spread from somewhere else. I'm waiting now for the oncologist...
  8. C

    On RSO and tumor is still growing - What's wrong?

    New member, So my mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen that is consider stage two diffuse large b cell lymphoma non hodgkin's back in July 2017 , her tumor size was 4cm. She began taking RSO oil (74.6%thc and 0.18% CBD) via suppository and an ultrasound taken October 29 2017...
  9. A

    Extraction Methods - Wash Vs Soak Vs Freezer Soak For Solvent Extractions

    Hello everyone. I need to get to the bottom of this so I need as much feedback as I can get from people who have extensively tested these methods. My question is regarding Full Spectrum Extracts using 190 or higher grain alcohol. Which method would draw out most of the plants medicinal...
  10. A

    Making Rick Simpson Oil - Help Please!

    Hi, I am planning to make cannabis oil this Friday following the Rick Simpson method. I have never made this before, have only been doing research, reading threads and watching videos. As soon as I feel a little more confident, I read something else and the fear sets in again. I am determined...
  11. A

    Rick Simpson Oil Help!

    Hi, I am planning to make cannabis oil this Friday following the Rick Simpson method. I have never made this before, have only been doing research. Reading threads and watching videos. As soon as I feel a little more confident, I read something else and the fear sets in again. I am determined...
  12. R

    New member looking for RSO advice

    Hello to you all. As the title suggests, I'm looking for advice and a few points regarding the use of RSO. As with many of you out there, a family member, in this case my father, has been let down by the system and we have chosen to pursue a natural course of treatment for thyroid and spinal...
  13. P

    RSO while on Duragesic - Fentanyl

    Hi everyone, Do you from pervious experiences have knowledge on the use of Duragesic ( fentanyl) a synthetic morphine pain medicine. My friend is hoping to lower the doses of the Duragesic as she increases the dose of the RSO. She neither wants to have pain, nor respiratory failure. Because...
  14. P

    RSO and chemotherapy

    Hi, I'd like to find out if a patient is currently undergoing chemo is it ok to administer RSO at the same time? My friend has stage 4 lung cancer and he is on his 3rd chemo today. He started RSO yesterday with 1 drop (0.01 ml) 2x per day. It has 62thc:18 cbd. I look forward to your...
  15. C

    Needing guidance with making RSO / Rick Simpson Oil in the UK

    Hi everyone, I'm a total newbie to this site, so hoping this is okay to post here. I am looking to produce RSO / Rick Simpson Oil for the first time, on a small scale for personal use, and would really appreciate some guidance, because I've read so many conflicting articles and advice online...
  16. K

    Need help sourcing RSO in UK

    Need helping finding a source for someone who is ill. Need 60:40 THC : CBD ratio. Struggling to find a trusted source. Making it isnt really an option. Thanks a lot!!
  17. V

    Dad using RSO protocol - Questions about process

    My dad is 76 yr old Vietnam vet who presumably developed lung cancer from agent orange exposure, as he never smoked. He was just diagnosed 4 months ago, but it already has spread to his spine and brain. He began a raw vegan diet and went to a facility for a 6 week water fast. He also had surgery...
  18. 420Greening

    Grow Goddess from Michigan Says Hello!

    Allow me to introduce myself. First, how I found this site. I was turned on to this site by a new "friend" SweetSue!! You see, I had heard of 420 Magazine, just was not aware of the forums. I would like to shout out to medmanmike. A good man. Now, about me. I have been a medical...
  19. C

    4 pounds of RSO that needs a bit more of its ISO removed - Help!

    I just had my RSO tested at SC labs and I have way too high of PPM solvents (ISO) detected - 3159.1. I have several years worth of batches that were of various trial and error attempts that i combined into a single amount in order to blend to a consistent TCH percent as well as repurge the ISO...
  20. C

    Asking for guidance in buying RSO at dispensaries

    Hi all, this is condition 1's wife asking for all your help and guidance in buying RSO at the dispensaries. My husband is not able to post much due to his condition. I tried reading at different threads to find some answer, unfortunately English is my secondary language and I am not able to read...
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