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  1. just n time for the holidays!

    just n time for the holidays!

    this would b czech absinth (spelling varies, by language). high thujone. it's "our" fav and we've tried many. if u want it by the holidays, it's time... 3, generous shotz, is a perfect buzz. 4, or more and you're likely to blackout, fight, f..., or all of the above. gonna rso, wit it! some r 150pr
  2. Vittoria

    RSO: Helping my mom beat cancer

    Hello, My name is Vittoria. I am 33 yrs old, from California originally, but currently live in Florida as of March. I hate that you cannot grow your own cannabis (medicine). My super sweet bestest best friend, my mommy has ovarian cancer. In September we got her the marijuana card and will...
  3. just the wax, support sstm for the goodies

    just the wax, support sstm for the goodies

  4. it's not ethanol, bubble hash

    it's not ethanol, bubble hash

  5. not the tips

    not the tips

  6. rso leftovers

    rso leftovers

  7. the right solvent

    the right solvent

    if u mess up, u want to get injured, or drunk?
  8. didn't say they were- huge.

    didn't say they were- huge.

    I'm just sayin- how am i supposed to decarb what might b my most photogenic end, to date? sigh. it's like waterboarding a family member, with booze. don't knock it til u try it.
  9. amnesia, or cbd glue tide

    amnesia, or cbd glue tide

    ok so i still struggle with ethanol waterboarding a beautiful bud.
  10. what do u do with ur tails after oiling?

    what do u do with ur tails after oiling?

    leftovers, from oil. under magnification, it's all crystal tails. whacha do with yours? tried rerunnin... I'm so permeated with oil, i can't tell, to smoke it, or anything else.
  11. cannabis oil cap

    cannabis oil cap

    if i had to guess- bout 2mg. 8hr epidural effect. it's the wrong strain, for sleep... show me a dispensary, providin it, that clean. might b what's causing ur stomach ache: too much poison, or too much chlorophyll...

    THC Solubility In Ethanol

    has anyone found the intel on how much thc can be dissolved in how much ethanol? regardless of how much one is dealing with, if the ethanol is saturated and one prefers the strength of minimal washes... one might be throwing away significant product. also- the "Lebanese blonde", left on the...
  13. D

    Rick Simpson Oil

    Friend is fighting colon cancer, so I made oil using RSO instructions. I used Big Bud that I grew. I don't use products that will get me high, but I want to know three things: 1. How do I use the unevaporated 3rd wash (it's been filtered but not evaporated), see photo 2. How do I use the fine...
  14. aceknight

    1st Durban Poison x OG Kush

  15. Reducing RSO

    Reducing RSO

    Reducing the RSO
  16. Final reduction RSO

    Final reduction RSO

    Almost done , added a splash of pure to water to help evaporate the rest of the alcohol
  17. RSO syringes

    RSO syringes

    Big Blue,Debilitator Kush,Pitt Boss OG,Blue Dream, and Lambs Bread RSO
  18. C

    How to make CBD + THC oil?

    Hi, After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without...
  19. K

    RSO Oil

    Hello friends, I want to find out a very important matter, that are prepared oil rso filters 220 microns from all the garbage (leaves and branches trunks branches) and then from the liquid that remains 25 micron filters and the liquid left over to put on heating. My question with what is left in...
  20. Gorilla Seeds

    RSO with Magical Butter Machine?

    I'm sorry if this is already posted - I don't have the time or energy to keep searching today. Our dog Jack who we treat like a second child just got a cancer diagnosis - tumors on his lungs in the X-rays & it looks like it may have spread from somewhere else. I'm waiting now for the oncologist...
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