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  1. Temp/humidity


    Temp&humidity check, perfect!
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  3. Temps


  4. S

    Temp question

    Hello my friends. i had a quick question about ideal temperature in a grow space. i have to temp readers in my tent. one near the top/middle of the canopy. and one right next to the plant on the floor. the one that is on the floor will sometimes reach as high as 84F , and the one near the...
  5. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Short & stocky
  6. Temp


    I raised my humidity using a humidifier.
  7. A

    Well water making your plants sick

    You got the best equipment temp humidity air flow just right, PH water temp on the money, most expensive lights you can get. You might've tried RO water. But as soon as you push the ppm pass 400+ this happens Its not your fault its the well water. My system RDWC Chiller Combo leds and...
  8. M

    Leaves Curling Up - Taco

    Hello From Holland! Strain: CBD Kush (indica dominant) 1 Plant, indoor, small cabinet Led 280Watts at 40cm above plant temp daytime: 24 degrees temp night: 18-19 degrees Medium: Soil (canna bio plus) Airpot 11 liters Water: I use a tensiometer and keep it between 80 and 120 mbar Nutrients: did...
  9. F


    What should my humidity be on final two weeks of my grow I have been to a few different sites and it's a shit show. I'm currently running at 30-35 percent and was wondering if I should raise it. I'm currently bring in fresh Alberta air and exhaustion 6 in carbon. Room temp day is 74-76 night is...
  10. S

    Cindy 99 Fem Journal

    Cinderella 99 | Marijuana Strain Library | PotGuide.com Grow set-up includes my grow tent, duct work, fan, carbon filter, and adjustable lamp. Here is a complete list of all items I gathered for my grow. Not all are completely necessary, but I wanted to be sure I did everything absolutely...
  11. S

    Aeroponic Grow - Showing Signs Of Stress

    Merry Christmas all! II am growing aeroponically using Mills nutes feeding on the light side due to new clones have only been in box for 7 days. They were in perfect health. Air temp averaging 73, water temp averaging 68. Humidity around 40%, ph 5.8, ppm's around 600. Top leaves start to...
  12. croptopper11

    First try at DWC and indoor grow - Any suggestions advice help on leaf issue

    decided to give this indoor grow a try with dwc, ive grown outdoors for years but never paid close attention to detail,nothing like ive been doin since starting these young ladies. my leaves are looking a little funny. i did start noticing the curling of the leaves a few days after lowering the...
  13. G

    Ambient temperature outside growtent

    I got a problem keeping temperatures down in my growtent. If I adjust my ambient lung room temp down to 17-18C, I get just below 27C at the canopy, all good. If I adjust my ambient lung room tempt to 20C so that I dont need to run an extra heater inside the tent on a timer during night, my...
  14. K.puff&stuff


    Hi guys just a question My seedlings are not showing much there like on pause does anyone know what par value a seedling need to be able to go toward the light and what would be a good temp my temp is high 30 degrees humidity shows 28. But the plants are still green, light is about 36 inches up...
  15. S

    Hello all

    can someone please tell me what is wrong with this plant. I recently moved it to a General Hydroponics 66 with a flora grow solution at the weakest strength. The ppm is 900 or so, ph is 6.0, water temp is around 70 and the air temp is 75. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks
  16. I

    Need a low temp vape

    Hi guys,im looking for a low temp vape ,1 that has a low temp setting of about 130c,i want it to vape for medical and not get high,the volcano will run at 130c but its out of my price range ,thanks
  17. R

    First time grower - Yellow leaves

    Hello, fellow growers. I´m new to the forums and first-time grower. :welcome: I´ve got 600w HPS light, in a room 4x6, 4 11L pots, 4 ladies. 2 White Widow, 1 Amnesia Haze and 1 Orange Bud. I´m using Plagron Growmix Soil, and Hesi TNT Complex Fertilizer (50ml/10L) I have them now 5 days under...
  18. F

    Am I dumb?

    I have just purchased a Superpro AC-2 Environment controller after reading that it controls Temp , Humidity, and Lighting, ok thats kool, I understand how to set Temp levels, Humidity levels, dead bands etc I get that bit . Now there are four plug outlets, Two on the left of the unit. Two on the...
  19. C

    Grow room temp

    Hi, Ok so I'm starting my proper grow tent grow in September hopefully and I'm just getting my last bits together. I've got some questions though, if you can help me? 1) If I'm venting outside how do I stop my temp from dropping what with having the window open? 2) HPS or LEDS? I've both...
  20. Stvzie

    Beginner Grow

    Hi fellow growers Starting my first grow. Germinated 2 Candy Kush Auto seeds using Jiffy peat plugs and transferred seedlings to 6" planters about 2 weeks ago. First set of leaves are turning yellow and new growth seems extremely slow ??? with the leaves curling downward. Grow Box: 15" W x...
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