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  1. Stunned

    Plant logistics

    Hey! I hope all had a great Christmas and have a great New Year RoorRip I have my first grow going that's at about the 30 day mark. I thought of doing a journal but by the time I joined up, my babies were already way out of the soil. I thought, ok, next time. I'm growing in coco, 4 gallon...
  2. K

    Cannabis cream from stems and roots

    Hi new to this so if I posted in wrong place please move or delete. I want to make a muscle cream iv done it before useing cannabis coconut oil made with flower. But u want to try a mix of stems that I have grinded to not a powder but close and roots I want to get all the goodness out of the...
  3. Jackalope

    Quarantine Clones

    As long as I've been growing I should have known this. My first experience with clones came by surprise. I was given a clone someone bought from a dispensary. I just tossed it in with plants I already had in flower. Powdery Mildew is what I ended up with. If I had planned this out I hope I...
  4. A

    Hi from Australia

    Hi all, just joined up I'm current;y growing my first indoor plants but have been growing outside for years, I smoke for med and rec, anyway just thought I'd introduce myself I'll put up sum pics of my plants sumwhere
  5. C


    Hi, New to 420, just wanted to say hi. I am in the middle of my second legal recreational grow and thought this would be a great place to gather and hopefully contribute valuable info.
  6. Ron Strider

    PA: 1 Arrested, 100 Marijuana Plants Seized In Fayette County Raid

    One person has been arrested and roughly 100 marijuana plants were seized during a raid in Fayette County Tuesday morning. According to officials at the scene, the raid was conducted at a home in the 200 block of Horseshoe Bend Road in Acme. The drug raid was conducted by the Pennsylvania...
  7. TheDarkTriad

    Light compensation

    just thought this might come in handy to some of you. i have been seeing some issues recently with DIY builds. and i thought this might become relevant even if you aren't DIY-ING!! :420:
  8. A

    Can a 730NM far red LED be added to HPS lighting during flower?

    I have a single far red light 730 nm I want to add as a small supplement to my 1000w raptor hps. would this be healthy for my girls ??? please help i thought so but people are saying only for a couple of minutes daily!
  9. Y

    Any thought on unknown origin weird plant

    Hey guys. How long till harvest do you think? Any thoughts on plants genetics, Sativa or indica? And why is the small one weird like extremely short? It had been defoliated lately because they were so close together and no light for them. they both have been in the same grow place from the...
  10. TheFertilizer

    How do you tell genetic purple apart from phosphor deficiency?

    I was looking at one of my plants and noticed at its base it goes from green to purple abruptly. It was grown from seed. The Platinum Girl Scout Cookies I have always seen have this dark lavender color, but I still have people tell me all the time it's phosphor deficiency. I have wondered if...
  11. DecorumEst

    Grow With Me - My Grow Journey

    Now I just have tons of technical questions and thought this was the best place to get them???? Help!!!
  12. The Germinator


    So I got this non working freezer. Thought bout using it for germination or maybe a plant. Cut couple holes for exhaust and intake. Any ideas? Can flip it over so the jumps on top and install fans there. Just thought I'd share. Maybe I am crazy . Haha
  13. hyperluv

    Close up of Pistil - Female Preflower

    Here's a close up pic of a pistil from one of my plants. Thought it was pretty cool so thought I would share.
  14. I

    Some markings on leaf

    Hi guys, 1 of my plants has some spots/marks on it,i dont think its a problem but thought i would get you guys to check it out,
  15. N

    LST for first time

    First time grower! Just lst'd my babies for the first time and thought I'd vent the buzz!
  16. S

    10x10 Grow Room Plant Count & Medium

    I have a 10x10 room ive had a somewhat successful harvest in. I split the room into a 4x10 scrog flower room and a 4x5 veg room. Pulled 1.5 from 2 600w and 6 gg4's on #5 pots in ffof. Lately ive been thinking about knocking down the veg room and doing an all flower sog style room and having...
  17. G

    New member - Myelofibrosis patient

    I use cannabis for relief of numerous symptoms caused by my bone marrow cancer, myelofibrosis (anyone else with MF here?) The funniest thought came through my head, though you have to understand the endocannabinoid system for it to make sense. I am very allergic to yellow jackets. I stepped...
  18. B

    Genuine hardware safety concern

    im using a 600w metal halide and air cooled reflector, the air comes in my tent from outside and goes out onto my landing in my house. is this air safe to breath? I hadn't thought about it until now but wouldn't it be sucking out burned metals and polluting the air? thanks
  19. Heirloom

    Random Notification Email

    I received an odd email notification last night. I have email notifications turned off. Anyhow, it was a Like received from Teddy Edwards notification. It's the only notification I've ever had. Thought it strange. I've had Likes since, but no email. Just thought I would share. :Namaste:
  20. Nutria

    SOG - RDWC - Clones - What's wrong with my plan?

    Yo growers! My tent is 2x2x4.5ft. My objective is to maximize the yield and decrease time between harvests. I thought to make a sog grow in a rdwc system. I will flower clones inside the tent with 0 to 1 week vegetative. Clones will be taken from a mother and put in a cloner machine. I...