1. T

    New try

    Any options on the green crack feminized?
  2. Q

    A shout out to Mick Foster

    First off, this is my second or third post on this site. My first attempt at posting was, I admit, was a sorry ass excuse for a posting. But that is another matter. I have been a soil grower for quite awhile and started looking into coco for something different. With all the expense and what I...
  3. A

    MH for flower?

    Hey all. Been using MH for veg and HPS for flower for many, many, years. Now, I am having people tell me to flower WITH my MH systems, and I'll have more potent medicine. Should I try this? I am almost ready to flip 2 Blue Dream girls. Opinion PLEASE!
  4. I

    Hello & Merry Xmas

    Just joined, don't really have much to add. I mostly just grow chilli plant varieties and occasionally hemp but looking to try some new things this year. Isn't that what new years are all about? Greetings all and happy holidays.
  5. O

    Problems with Foxfarm products being too hot - Way too hot

    recently purchased the soil trio pack from fox farm...tiger bloom ..grow big...etc.... followed the schedule exactly and in a week the nute burn was so bad all lower sunleaves died and curled up...totally wrecked my entire crop....nice stuff.... I did a google search and this is not a isolated...
  6. D

    Second Grow - Let's Try This Again

    My first grow did not go so great, especially with some things that happened in my life. So time to try it again. Strain and Amount: 4 Silver Jack (not feminized) Planted on 10-4-17 but had already germinated. Light is a 900W LED This is not where I'm going to be keeping them the entire...
  7. GrEeNdAyZ

    GrEeNdAyZ - DIY CFL - White Widow - Indoor Soil - No Tent - Winter '17

    Hey, Long time listener, first time caller! Hears the deal. I like to garden and grow lots of different things. I have two outdoor MJ plants that are fishing up, this is middle of Sept. 2017 of course. They are my first grow. I think they still need a few weeks...let's not worry about them...
  8. R

    Please Recommend a MOM

    I have only used Bud Buddy, but their selection is quite poor and the last couple of months, really bad. I really like to try different strains and I want what I want. Bud Buddy doesn't offer that. Can someone recommend a MOM in Canada that has really good selection and doesn't require...
  9. B

    How do I get a hold of an admin?

    for some reason i cant pm anyone it says i dont have premission when i try to write a massege
  10. B

    Should i try manifold clones?

  11. K

    Is everything okay with him?

    Unfortunately, I do not know the exact type. This is my first try of planting. Everything is OK with him?
  12. T

    Giving It A Try

    basics female unkown ck starter pack 13 days old organic soil no nutes yet distilled water. no ph tester cfls 40 w 5 of them small fan closet grow question on this one they started yellowing not sure why. I had them on a 18/6 then tried to go to 24/0. put them back to 18 after I saw...
  13. P

    Gonna try using CO2 - What ppm should it be set to?

    My buddy had a co2 setup he donated so was going to try and get that going tonight. It comes set default of 1500ppm. I've got a 4' x 4' grow tent. Two plants...although one is a behemoth and the other is living quietly much smaller. Not sure if the number of plants matters. Is that...
  14. yyc420

    Autoflower Topping

    I pose this question to anyone that may have an informed opinion. Some do and some don't top, try or don't try, experiment and see what happens...I get that. What I've been thinking a lot about is, does it not (seem) to make sound sense that it would be somewhat less risky if a person was...
  15. LEDBud

    Try cannabis oil before chemotherapy

    I am writing this in hopes it can help someone who like my friend did not want to try cannabis oil well before Chemo treatments failed anyways. 3 months ago friend in his 50's was diagnosed with lung cancer which since has spread to his brain etc while on chemotherapy. Once it spread they...
  16. B

    Thumb tacks: Are you serious?

    So I am getting close to harvesting my first ever plant and in looking at ways to try to increase yield I have been advised on this site and a few others to: Take thumb tacks and stick them in the stems all over the plant the last week before harvest......I was told this increases resin...
  17. fanleaf

    Fanleaf Tries To Germ & Grow A Stash Of 42 Year Old Acapulco Gold Seeds!

    So for this round we will try to germinate and grow to breed some seeds from some 42 year old seeds. They are the original Acapulco Gold strain seeds. This will be quite fun. If all goes well and we get a few to "go" the plan is to breed both regular seeds as well as some fem seeds. I have about...
  18. M

    MeatGrinder - Northern Lights Auto - DWC - LED - 1st Timer - 2016/2017

    Hey everyone Meat here and im a shinning noob with dreams of well idk. I got my beans from Crop King 300 watt led 5 gallon DWC 10 inch net GH 3 part ferts with a bottle of cal mag. Started the 23 of November ran two weeks without ferts. Dont have any past photos but will try to update from...
  19. OldSchool 64

    World's biggest Crop King Seeds joint

  20. KozMaster

    Big problem - Over-fertilizer

    Hi everyone! Last week fertilizing my flower 3 times for 6 days and everything's gone very bad. I use fertilizer last wednesday for last time and I try to clean them only whit wather but nothing happend ... I use BioBizz Try Pack (Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Top Max) Can someone help me to...
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