1. Photo 1 - DDA1.jpg

    Photo 1 - DDA1.jpg

    Dark Devil Auto Yield
  2. Photo 12 - GSC4 Yield.jpeg

    Photo 12 - GSC4 Yield.jpeg

    GSC4 - Final Yield
  3. Photo 9 - GSC3 Yield.jpeg

    Photo 9 - GSC3 Yield.jpeg

    GSC3 Final Yield
  4. Photo 6 - GSC2 Yield.jpeg

    Photo 6 - GSC2 Yield.jpeg

    Final yield for GSC2
  5. Photo 3 - GSC1 Yield.jpeg

    Photo 3 - GSC1 Yield.jpeg

    The final yield for GSC1
  6. TriangleCheese

    TC's Purple Punch Strain Review & Smoke Report, Barney's Farm

    I'm here with my smoke report and strain review for Barney's Farm Purple Punch. I've been growing this strain for a few years and I kept my mother plant alive for a long time. I decided to start a new mother because the previous mother was kinda stretched for my mini nursery. I'll only be...
  7. djdmaze

    Giixer 1000w LED Concerns & Misinformation

    Hello everyone at 420, new member here, proud to be apart of the community. I follow many threads here, but finally decided to register after starting my latest grow. We (my spouse and I) have some previous grows under our belt via soil and coco, even some I did by myself some years back. As of...
  8. Ž

    Is my yield good?

  9. AliceGG

    How seedbanks calculate the yields

    So I ordered my first ever seeds, they are on their way, and in the meantime I got some questions in my head. Here's one: THC: 14% CBD: Low Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2 Yield Outdoor: 170 - 220 gr/plant Height Indoor: 80 - 120 cm Height Outdoor: 130 - 160 cm Flowering time: 5 - 7 weeks...
  10. Far East Buds

    To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten!

    I am a 4 year rookie at growing and have been on here for some time. (i skipped a couple years in here somewhere) I have a question I was hoping some vet's would chime in. I grow perpetual and have no issue with most of my yields. But in search of more dense nugs I thought I would increase my...
  11. HigherTheHigh

    5x5 tent, 4 plants, veg time?

    Hello everyone i hope we are all in fit health. So lets get down to it, im getting a 5x5 tent and will be running a 1000w hps under a panabolic shade. Going to run 4 plants, im thinking 20L pots or should i go for bigger? How long should i veg for? i was thinking 6-8 weeks, trained but...
  12. mackdaddyerb

    SCROG Help! Think Different

    I am planning an auto flower Grow and want to use the ScrOG method for maximum yield I will be growing TWO Dutch Passions Think Different in a 2'x4'x5' tent using a 700w (or 900w) Mars Hydro ii I know there is controversy as to whether or not to scrog autos but I've decided to go ahead as...
  13. mackdaddyerb

    Biocanna With Canna Coco - pH - Yield

    Hi I want to try a coco grow (auto flower). Judging by other threads I will be able to use the organic Biocanna range nutrients with Cannas coco. Is it true I will not need to worry about ph with the biocanna range? and does this apply if I am using coco as my medium Will I...
  14. B

    New kid on the bud - Nutrient advice

    Hey i like to fancy myself a grower even though i only have grown 3 using coco and Canna nutrients in a 6.5x6.5x6.5 growlab tent with a 1000w hps light. i was thinking about getting cannaboost i have heard that it increases the yield but i also heard that its bad for the plant..i just cant seem...
  15. O

    What Method Would You Choose If Limited To 16 Plants For Maximum Yield?

    might be moving to colorado in the near future so i can finally grow again. my cousin is already a resident there so i can grow with him until i obtain residency. the discussion i'd like to have is on how you guys would maximize yield/cost efficiency with a 16 plant limit. i'm thinking scrogging...
  16. N

    New Member & Grower - Am I Doing This Right? Trying To Maximize Yield

    Looking for advice from Professional / Advanced Growers. Still learning, only been growing a year or so. Yielding 3.5 - 4 oz per plant. Just making sure I'm doing this right or could I be tweaking my program for more yield. Growing 3 plants total at a time - Now growing 2 Honey Badger...
  17. S

    Who had root aphids!?!?!?!

    So it looks like I got these fken shiets,6 week of flower from flip,what hurts me I actually saw them before but I was like ohh it must be thrip babies,even tho there were no thrips,and I was wondering why I have not so much smell like before when half house stank.Anyway it could have been bomb...
  18. F

    Best way to make rosin - Please help

    Hello I have like a shit ton of bud shake with little coffeeshop grade buds (coffeeshop amnesia haze, no trimmings, pure bud restings) and I'm looking to make rosin from it. I read on forums that you need to make bubble hash from it first and then press it. Or can I use the rest weed aswell...
  19. C

    First ever harvest - Auto Jack Yield?

    I am harvesting this girl on Thursday and am wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark of what it may yield. It's only a 3 gallon pot and I made some real beginner dumb mistakes so I'm not expecting much. I know it's difficult to tell from a photo, but I'm just looking for a ballpark # of grams.
  20. D

    Dick23rk's Garden Adventures - More Strains - More Plants - More Buds!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my garden, old friends, new friends, soon to be friends. I had been away from here for a little while, since sometime back in October maybe and I am now back to start up another journal. I was still growing in between and harvested a couple of nice size plants, all of...
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