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10-15-10 Schultz Plant Food


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Hey guys

Right now my plants are about 3" tall and about 10 days old. Should I be giving them nutrients this early? The bottle's only directions are 3 fl ounces per 100 sq ft yard..


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I would wait till they started puttin on some leaves before I gave them nutrients.........to be on the safe side at least you wouldnt want to burn em


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way to early!
you have plenty of time to throw that acidy, heavymetal laden, stuff away and find a nice bottle of botanicare or foxfarm for like 14 dollars. :D


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It depends on the soil, if you are using soil with nutes then adding anything may be too much; but on the other hand if you are using rockwool then the seedlings will die in just a few days on water only. In most cases starting with low concentration that slowly increases will allow you to see how the plants respond and achieve the maximum growth rate.


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Good point sfhaze! If you're into Hydro.

I'm a soil guy so I guess I always default to soil grows. Plus he's talking about Schultz ferts and a yard, so i'm sure he means soil method.

Another note on Schultz...thier rooting hormone frickin rocks! Thought I'd mention that.
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