1st time grow, 1st post :) leaves browning (pics)


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Hey everyone I hope all is well so to start off, I have 4 clones of Midnight Fire and 5 Gorilla Glues I started from seed which I found in some herb. The clones have browning really only in the tips of the leaves while the Glue has browning throughout the leaves.

The soil I amended I stole caligreens recipe off youtube.

Foxfarms ocean forest
Organic Compost 80% and charlies organic chicken manure 20% (the chicken was my idea)
Black gold Worm castings
Dr earths flower girl
Organic Perlite

The only nutes I have given the clones(midnight) has been Blue Planet Nutrients Seaweed Extract 3.2.1, the seedlings(glue) have only been given Root 66 Technaflora 1.1.1(got that from the local hydro store thier recommendation for seedlings)
I have some organinc molasses that I will be feeding them when ever it gets delivered.

Im using only RO water I have not checked the PPM

The humidity on average is in the 40s but has ranged from 30-60%
The temps range from 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit

The soil according to my digital soil meter is at 7.0(i think im going to start ph down to 6.5)

The plants are on a 18/6 light schedule with two 300w LED mars Hydro lights, in a 4x4x80" Tent.

I just ordered an exhaust fan to help circulate more air.
Ive been told to just let fans blow on the plants, and wondering maybe if its windburn, but the fans are not blowing at an extreme speed.

Anyways that is the back story of the girls.

So if their is any recommendations to eliinate the browning I am all ears! Thanks for looking have a good one :)
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