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I always have problems finding a contact to buy through so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I've been researching growing for months and decided to give it a try. 5 days ago I planted 20 pre-soaked seeds to see if anything would happen. I have a horrible black thumb so I was very pessimistic. Here are pictures of how my little sprouts look now and the set-up I have. It's not an ideal set up, but it's all I can afford at the moment. Comments would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to know if I'm doing something horribly wrong and how I can fix it. I know the pictures are bad, they were taken with my camera phone. Sorry.

This is the outside of the "closet" I'm using. It's one of those portable closet type things that cost $20 at Walmart. The inside is spray painted flat white.


Here's a pic from above.


The fan with a hole behind it to bring in air and on the left (not in pic) I cut a vent about the size of a deck of cards.


Close up of left side of planter.


Right side.


Close ups of sprouts.





Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

edit: Working on uploading pictures to 420. I really should learn to read first, post last. Sorry!
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well u will NEED some ventilation in there id say open the zip a bit and put a fan going in and a fan going out, not big ones just the little small ones , enough for o2 and co2 to ventilate i see that u got 1 in the top but thats only an ingoing fan maybe try putting 1 in the bottom left facing out


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agreed, need the vent. also that shop light isnt gonna work for more than sprouting, and thats already happened. if u dont get some more light in there they are gonna stretch to get it and fall over and die within the week. you can pick up some cheap cfls from home depot or wallmart, pretty much ne where for like $5 a pop.


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cfls? No idea what that is. Should I get a couple and do them from all different sides? Thank you all so much. I've just never been good with anything having to do with plants. In fact, I think this is the longest I've ever kept a plant alive!

edit: Looked it up. I'll take care of that bright and early in the morning. I already did the second fan so hopefully that helps. Again, thanks so much!
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