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A vote for Gary King is a vote against bud


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Paul Livingston said on the radio last night that Attorney General Gary King's office created the proposed new rules for the medical cannabis program, which will make a restrictive and expensive program even worse.

It turns out Mr. King is running as a Democrat in the Governor's race in November of this year. I would suggest voters (everywhere) find out which politicians support their interests.

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For me the only way I vote is for politicians who support the legalization of MJJ/MJ/Hemp. This is HUGE painkills. MJ doesn't need to keep being pushed under the carpet or at the bottom of the politicians list.

It might sound impractical, but in my eyes, it is the right of everyone to have Mara-Care. This health care program includes full health care, full rehabilitation program and a mood enhancer clinic available 24-7.

Have a great Memorial Day painkills2. T/C


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As reported today by the Huffington Post:

It's Mental Illness Awareness Week and Election Day Is a Month Away

Let candidates know that "Mental Health Care Gets My Vote."

Don't be shy. Stand up in public forums and ask candidates directly what they intend to do improve mental health care. Send them emails with questions through their websites. Ask for group meetings with candidates or their staffs to talk specifically about mental health care." Share information with friends.

And, of course, make sure to vote on November 4.


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Well, it's time for me to vote... Susana Martinez or Gary King? What kind of choice is that? It's like the choice between... I dunno, something bad and something worse.
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