Amber Hairs

That sucks damifino, sorry to hear.

But why wait until next year? You can grow amazing plants indoors. And you have all the help you'll need to make it happen, right here at 420 Magazine. (I'm on my 3rd grow this year, although it probably won't be complete until next year)

Hey Hey Hey. I must say to the two of you, it truly broke my :love: to do burn it all but as a nurse and a new grower not knowing much about this mold stuff, I knew it couldn't be smoked. But Get This....Like I said, 3 others looked at it and said No, not mold. They insisted the gray fuzzies was just an enormous cluster of trichomes. And them being "seasoned old hippies who actually attende Woodstock" thought I was being "medically paranoid" (because I am a nurse). I enjoyed my wine, my weed that I had to purchase :( and burned it all in he fire pit. However by doing so, my husband it extremely irate about it. I'm still in the dog house over it, but hey....I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do still have one more plant growing beautifully. Guess I'll be puffing her while camping out in the dog house with my bottle of wine listening to Marshall Tucker :)
Yeah, there's fire on the mountain allright. LOL - Have a Terrific Weekend My Friends
Just remember, just because someone smokes it, it doesn't make them a qualified grower :)

Why not sit down with your husband and pick out a few strains from one of our sponsors? Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

Indoor growing is especially nice with the winter coming, and you could harvest Jan-Feb depending on when you plant them.

And I've seen multiple people saying that if its mold, not to use it for ANYTHING, not even oil, tincture, etc... So you made the right choice. Cheer up and smile, you just learned a lot from your first grow, and it's all going to make your next grow even better!

Have a great weekend!
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