Amber Hairs

these guys have you covered,couple of things I will add

I would have let those go a little longer,before jewelers loupes,we had to pull by eye,the ratio was 75-80% brown/orange hair and 20-25%white.

Do not smoke/consume moldy weed/about 25 years ago I DID and it led me to plurasy(sp?) it is a lung infection,that is very painfull
as I got it under control,and spread down my body,I stayed in bed for 2 weeks with a pillow on UNDER MY Nuts,they swelled like water melons

congrats on the harvest
OK. I cut out the mold, all that I could see. There really wasn't much there but enough that I noticed it. I did closely examine the other buds and I didn't see anything. Its hard to check out the buds because they are so dense and very firm. Not to mention I have a bazillion amber colored hairs that keep tripping me out thinking OMG not more mold.

Yes, I did within the past 4-5 days mist it with soapy water because I saw holes in my leaves and read online to do that to kill any mites or pests. However, I had it growing outside in a large pot. I dug a hole and put the pot in it so that I could turn it each day. Had I just planted it in the ground the area I had it in is up against a large pine tree and the back wouldn't get any sun and when I cut the plant down last night, the dirt in the pot was soooooo wet that it was half way between dirt and mud. I am guessing the pot didn't have proper drainage like the other plant I have. That one still has nice fluffy dirt. So do you think it was from misting it or from the saturated soil. It was really really soaked. I ask this because I was going to mist the one that is still growing because I see some critters on the leaves when I look at it thru my loop. The trichomes on that plant are half clear and half milky and the hairs are still light purple. No amber hairs yet. Shall I keep growing until the hairs turn amber or shall I cut it so my buds have pretty purple hairs? LOL
I have attached a photo that I took before I cut the brown mold out. Its at the very top of the bud, brown area. Also a few pics for you to see my clever hanging area LOL. I am one of those people who are very book smart, I was valedictorian of my nursing class finishing with a final grade of 96 BUT haven't got a lick of common sense sometimes LOL. I did the best I could tho. What cha think???

Well the plants and harvest are great, but I agree 100000% with Tead, misting in flower can easily cause this problem. Misting in Veg is perfectly fine, but as soon as buds start, I stop spraying the plants completely.
Other than that small problem, and you really had a great grow here. Sometimes learning can be costly, financially, or just time/materials, but this is something you'll never forget. We've all made mistakes as growers, and we're better growers because of those mistakes.
Keep on moving forward, and your next grow will be ever better!

these guys have you covered,couple of things I will add

I would have let those go a little longer,before jewelers loupes,we had to pull by eye,the ratio was 75-80% brown/orange hair and 20-25%white.

Do not smoke/consume moldy weed/about 25 years ago I DID and it led me to plurasy(sp?) it is a lung infection,that is very painfull
as I got it under control,and spread down my body,I stayed in bed for 2 weeks with a pillow on UNDER MY Nuts,they swelled like water melons

congrats on the harvest

Wow, that's something I didn't know. I've heard it was a nono, but never actually saw anyone say why it wasn't good.. Thanks for the share.

Are there any additional precautions she can take to ensure there are no spores/problems with the rest of the cannabis?
the sights and smell are all that I can go by,but once you've seen/smelled it you cant forget it.

I was a young and dumb kid,man this weed smells kinda funny,but it still works,so I blazed it up

about 3 weeks later I had this painful,almost dreadful pain in my chest,The lungs expand and the lung lining touches the spine
can only breath,maybe a 3rd of usual intake.I get to the hospital and about 3 hrs later,DR says,you havent by chance smoked any moldy cannabis have you??

I am sure that I have unknowingly smoked moldy leaf before,but that one time,sure did set me back..the other name for the ball swelling is epiditimitus{sp?} I will ask the wife when she gets home for the whole gist of it,I play a DR,she is A DR.:high-five:
Thanks for all your help guys. I ended up just throwing out the entire branch. It had some beautiful nugs on it toooo. Yes, a major learning experience. I had no idea not to mist once it started to flower, I DO NOW. Thank goodness I got that jewelers loope when I did so I was able to see my trichomes. Can you imagine how bad it would have been had I just let it go. So happy I found it when I did. So I harvested 9 branches now I only have 8. But i'm not complaining at all. The ones I have a really nice. I do wonder why I have sooo much trichomes. When I look at the buds as they are drying they are loaded. They even glisten with the naked eye.
On another note, I too had pleurisy and YES INDEED it is extremely painful. Every breath hurts. And my husband had the issue you had with his testes but his was due to falling out of a tree 90 feet up and he BROKE THE CARTLIDGE IN HIS PENIS when he hit the ground his pelvis shattered. He got an infection the swelled his testes to the size of watermelons and it left him sterile. Thank goodness we already had children. It was really bad. I hope you didn't suffer the same fate.
So now to keep on checking the other buds I use a flashlight and the magnifier. You mentioned smell, is that something I should notice over the "other" good smell??

I would imagine you would smell both smells together. Both are very unique, and it's difficult not to notice either one.

Got it. While I was inspecting them I removed some more of the small leaves because I read that the dark green leaves are an indication of mold. Although I don't see any I am not taking any chances so I stripped them bald of their leaves.

Yes, OUCH OUCH OUCH. Poor guy had a broken penis, testes the size of watermelons and told he is sterile. Thank Gawd for Ganja!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark green leaves usually indicates excessive Nitrogen. Are all of the leaves in the plant the same shade?

If you stop to think about it, every day you drive past people, and you can't tell, but A LOT of them have found relief using Cannabis. Most people report better relief than pharmaceuticals could provide, and with far less side effects. Although if you consider being extremely happy and laughing, being very social, and rambling on, and in the mood to watch TV and have a snack, side effects.. well then those are its side effects lol.

It just has such a horrible reputation for "making people stupid". I just personally believe that some people would be the way they are, with, or without Cannabis. They just happened to find a similar relief with Cannabis, so they enjoy it's benefits as well.

Like now.. I'm enjoying a nice Sativa dominant, then going to watch TV, then bed. It works great, letting me stay awake long enough to enjoy some TV, but yet relaxed enough that I can sleep when I want.

I just wish more people would be open minded about it. Blah. I'm rambling. Sorry lol. I don't even know why I said all that now that I think about it.

Well whatever, I'm glad you folks have found relief. It's strange to look at the plant, and think to yourself the long list of ailments it treats and cures. Just that little plant... fixes all those problems.

Then forget all those thoughts and start over, looking at that same plant, and think to yourself that most of the world still has it listed as illegal. A plant is illegal. How does that even make sense?

It would be like outlawing Maple trees. It's ridiculous. I'm going to finish this bowl and head out. Have good night there Big K.
Jesus,that hurt to read,its a miracle he survived that fall.90 feet is like an 8 story fall,WOW

YES IT WAS!!!! he got all broken up. Luckily it was a very tall pine tree and he hit several branches while on his flight down to the ground. He shattered his pelvis, left hip, broke the cartiledge in his penis (OWEYYYY) broke both hands and then got an infection in his testes that nearly caused them to be amputated. Not to mention the infection and high fever killed all of his sperm so it left him sterile. He was in the ICU for 3 weeks than another month in the hospital. It was really bad. Oh, and did I mention once he got home with both of his hands broken I had to do EVERYTHING for him. And when he would piss me off I would threaten to leave him sitting on the toilet until I got good and ready to come take care of him. LOL LOL LOL - Ahhh True Love Aye
I want to cry. The entire crop has "fuzzies". I am confused tho because when I looked online at "bud rot" a few signs it stated were yellowing leaves, leaves pulling out very easily, inside the bud it attacks first. But I don't have any of that. My husbands says I am crazy in that I don't have mold. YES I DO. can you please look and confirm for me. I see on the leaves all fuzzy stuff, the don't look clean if that makes any sense. I am soooo upset. I do believe I have lost the entire plant. :(
Thank you
All of the rot Ive ever seen,has been on the inside out,I really go by a smell and sight,I cant/wouldnt be able to tell you from those pictures

does it smell good? like herb should?? or does it have a musty moldy smell,?
At this point in dealing with mold and trying to salvage a harvest, I would honestly suggest taking each bud, and cutting them in half, right down the middle, to inspect the inside. Mold is nasty stuff, and after learning about c526's experience, I definitely wouldn't want to take any chances.

It really, really sucks, and it's just a terrible situation, but our health should always come first. We can give ourselves a little leeway when dealing with things that don't pose an immediate danger, like fatty foods, fried foods, or foods high in salt, but things like this mold that can immediately make us sick, I just wouldn't want to take any chances.

And note that doing this can cause the buds to dry faster, which may lead to a harsher smoke, and hay/grass taste and smell to the buds, but I would take that over the risk of pleurisy any day.
Always expect the unexpected. Isn't that what folks say? Well, I did just that. My little girl, she only grew to be 14". Got Moldy as she was drying. I could see it clearly thru the magnifying loope. However, no one else could, not to mention it wasn't behaving the way your typical mold grows. Yellow or brown leaves that pull out easily, bud rot on the inside of the bud. I had none of that. Mine was all fuzzy, dirty, grayish brownish ALL over the leaves and onto parts of the buds. I saw it on every bud on every branch. Now most of the ewewy stuff was primarily on the leaves. Soo I pain stakingly trimmed everything off the buds right down to the amber hairs. Then looked at the trimmings. MOLDY. Then looked at the Buds. Small amounts on some, none on the others. SO, I got a glass of wine and had a few puffs while sitting outside with my fire pit burning (the weed) listening to music and said....SEE YA NEXT YEAR. Thanks everyone :)
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