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Anmesia haze leaf problems


Plant of the Month: May 2013

Hi im new to here, an just like to say hi and thanks for the great site and help.
Im growing an amnesia haze under 250cfl /red (flowering) with reflector. Ive never had problems really with growing, but was on a bit of a budget this time and didnt get good soil.
The main pan leaves have brown spots and brown leaves with no margin and finally die completely. I fed it some biobizz thinking it was nnute defficiancy but it hasnt helped, i thought the ph was off and had to use viniger to lower the ph so it can take the nutes in. But im not sure could it be a calcium diff....

ANy help much appreciated Thankyou


Plant of the Month: May 2013
as you can also see in the pics the top half of the plants stems are blood red. I need all the power it can get at min with bein 4week flowering. HELKP
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