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Any help much appreciated!


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So, I need some advice. I've spent hours researching the different methods of masking and diluting and flushing, but they are all so contradictory. I have a pre-employment urine drug screen Monday the 19th. I last smoked Thursday the 15th. I'm 5'9", 145#'s, and have been a DAILY, smoke ALL DAY smoker for 20 years. (I do not smoke at work, never have - but before and after, sure)
I am trying to do the Niacin Flush with cranberry pills, just to try and flush as much as possible. I plan on exercising as much as possible between now and then, but I have basically 72 hours from last smoke time to test time.
I am also broke at the moment, and can not do any of the over the counter products. I used one in the past (2004?) and failed even with the use of the detoxifier.

Will it really take over a MONTH to clean out?? I have probably like 3% body fat and a high metabolism, so I'm hoping 3 days of overhydration and flushing will be enough. Any input greatly appreciated.

The niacin I've started with is 500 mg, three times a day. A lot of posts I've seen said to use 1500 mg three times a day but that seems like an awful lot, and I'm itchy already with 500 mg.

I normally don't drink a lot of water that doesn't come in coffee form, but I am increasing to about a gallon day for the next three days.

REALLY need this job, any tips will help.


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Re: ANY help, much appreciated!!!!!

Your a heavy smoker so no detox drink is going to work. Either get some synthetic urine and practice with it today or get someone elses clean urine that you are absolutely sure takes no prescription or illegal drugs.


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Damn. Realistic but not reassuring. :wood:
Well, Gonna continue flushing and pray, lol. I'll let you know if I make it!


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Okay so I am currently trying the Niacin flushing. However I got the kind that says flush free. That's the wrong kinds right? Seeing as the whole point is to "flush" your system?! Also could you post on here exactly what and how you used the Niacin and Cranberry pills? I am on color code and they could call my color any day. I have a feeling it is going to be soon. Please & Thank you!
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