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Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush


The Set Up:
Lighhts: Apollo Horticulture GLK600CT24E 600 Watt Grow Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH System Cool Tube Hood Set.

HPS Bulb:
92,000 lumens
Life Span 24,000 hrs
Shape ET18
Base E39 Mogul
Color Temp 2000k
Voltage 110v/6.2A
Color Index 20
Non insect luring

MH Bulb:
LifeSpan 10,000 hrs
Shape TT76
Base E39 Mogul
Color temp 4200k
Voltage 110v/6.2a
Color Index 65
Non Insect luring

x (2) VenTech DF6 6" inline Duct Fan 240 CFM
Deflecto A068/4 6-Inch Diameter by 8-Feet Semi-Rigid Flexible Aluminum Duct

All FoxFarm, FoxFarm Soil Ocean Forest Organic Soil And Happy Frog.
Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
Dolomite Pellets
Botanicare CAL-MAG
General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control

Apollo Dimmable Digital 600 Watt 3 yr warranty
Dimmable to 50% 75% 100%
MH/HPS Compatible
Thermal protection
Short Circuit Protection
Open Circuit Protection
Ignition Faliure Protection
Op temp 22F - 122F

Vanilla Kush Feminised
Breeder Barney's Farm
Genetics Kashmir X Afghan Kush
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content 22.00%
CBD Content 1.2%
Yield Indoor: 600 g/m2
Plant Height 60 - 70 cm (indoor)
Grows Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time 60-65 days
Harvest Month end of September
Awards 2nd Prize Cannabis Cup HTCC 2009

OG Kush Feminised
Breeder Dinafem
Genetics Lemon Thai / Pakistani x ChemDawg
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content Very High
CBD Content Basso
Yield High
Plant Height Up to 3 metres
Grows Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time 55 days
Harvest Month until the end of October

I'll start with what Main-lining achieves. This is what the plants look like after training and first week of flower.

This is the same plants while in the middle of Main-line training. Main-lining, is all up front training first few weeks, than you're done. I let the plants veg until the 6th node, as to let it develop a good root system. Than I top the plant, down to the third node. Thats the first topping of 3 toppings to achieve 8 main colas. Let the plant recover, and top those new mains. again let her recover and top all the new mains, again. that will give you a perfect canopy of 8 main colas. Thats it, you're done main-lining, let them grow...


To this


You can top an additional 2 more times, with this technique. top all new 8 mains to get 16, top the 16 new to get 32 main colas. (great for SCROG) No more than that tho, with mainlining. you just Built a manifold, off of one node.

Until next time Stay Safe and Lifted.


Here's a Shot from this morning, out to feed them, You can see the lighter pheno is the #1 short, stocky, fat buds. Next to her younger sister by a week. I think this pheno is the #3 one. More stretchy and sativa dom. Shes been in flowering 3 days now. The lighter pheno, looking at 6 zips, dry. The larger beauty will push more like 6-10 dry zipz.

Big difference in size and both spent 6 weeks in flowering, under same conditions, same tent and feeding schedule.
Her younger sis, is gonna be a monster.

These pics aren't doing justice, her justice, her 8 colas, just two weeks in are huge! She's gonna give up a lot of goods, Main-lined baybee!

What I'm feeding, Minus a couple end game nutrients. Overdarive, TOP-MAXX, Sledgehammer flush

Water every 3 days, alter between water and nutrients. Everything adjusted to the sixes.

I took 6 Vanilla Kush clones, This time. She's gonna be in my grow for the foreseeable future.

This is the oldest Vanilla Kush, while she was filling out after her 3 top Main-line training. Just 3 days she was back growing very vigorously. Awesome strain!

Got to that after this type of stressful training method.

I say stressful, because it is more so than other types of training LST, Super-cropping, fim, you get the idea. If you have a strain that digs this technique, you got a potential huge producer, just from this technique.


You than get this type of growth pattern, the mainlined plants will grow naturally into a perfect level canopy.

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re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

your plants are amazing I can believe no one has said a word!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Thanks, So much Mr.robert420. I appreciate it. I don't know why no one has said a word?? Is all good, It's helping me keep track of multiple grows and techniques. If, someone get's some knowledge and don't say anything that's cool. I'm mainly posting to show my Main-line technique. And the transition the plants take on during the training. And It's all well worth the effort.

It's an all up front technique, One month I'm done training.. Let them go. Tall full dense colas. From bottom to the top. Vanilla Kush is the best strain I've Main-lied so far. I have plenty in the works.

Here's a few 4 weeks veg and a couple that just went into flowering.

Thanks for swingin through Mr.R420

Stay Lifted, JK


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Thanks Antics. I haven't been Main-lining to long. But the strains that can handle all the up front stress, So early on. I use it. The yields are amazing, Building the manifold for 8 mains off of one node is Super efficient. And during training you remove so much in a short time. As too let the plant concentrate on building those colas.

But when i pull 6-10 zips dry off of one Vanilla Kush either like the way I'm running them now. Or under a screen "scrog" works well with both. As well as soil or hydro.

Thank again for everything, I'm gonna add some morning shots to the journal now. Also, all 8 of my autos popped above the soil last night. Busy with 13 plants in two tents. Need to stock back up on my stash though. Expecting a good harvest in November.


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Took some new shots this morning of the Vanilla kush. They are such a vigourus plant. And love nutrients 8 weeks in. I'm on full strength on all my Fox Farm shit. and as you know. Those who use it, It's potent. Especialy with FFOF and Happy Frog Mixed with added perlite.

From left to right is the last 3 Vanilla kush the one on the left is 2 weeks in flower, Following a 6 week veg. The one in the middle is about a week behind at 7 weeks. Just put her into flowering both at about, when they were 16" tall. The next Vanilla's I run I'm going to veg for 8 weeks or till their 25-27" tall. See what we get from that.


Looking down on the Manifold That supports this 8 main trained girl.

Mainlining is the way to go. All done in the first month or so. They do the rest, I LST. A little to keep them really level. Other than that, they pretty much, keep the canopy tight. Due to the topping I did and making sure when I continued to top, I topped on the same point on each top. Important, for a nice level canopy.

I got one OG Kush outside right now. They don't like mainlining. So, I, 4 way lst split her Like I would get ready to put her under a screen... And topped her for 16 main colas. She didnt mind that LST. But wanted nothing to do with mainlining.

Stay Safe And Lifetd. JK


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re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Yeah training really helps you get the most bang for your buck when harvest time comes.

I went from my first grow, which was basically 0 training on two plants and yielding 1/2 ounce total, to my second grow with FIM, tons of LST, and yielded 3.15 ounces total on 2 plants. It makes all the difference in the world, and your grow is proof of that.

I'm looking forward to see some nice nug pics too. And don't forget about the 420 contests. Plant of the Month, and Nug of the month contests are open for entries now, up until the 14th, so if you want to enter, get your entry in before the 25 spots are filled. There's a link in my signature for the contest page.


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Antics, cool thanks for the information, you're a big help.Yeah these Vanilla kush Main-lined for 8 mains and veged for 6 weeks, will, flower for 2 months. So the first two will be done end of November. When all my auto's harvest too. And I should get 7-10 zips dry a plant. Have done it in the past most of the time. And the autos popped above soil October 1st,. So, I'll chop all those dec 1st. and I routinely, under the 600 watter and LED supplement lighting, get 4 zips dry per auto plant. And I still have two OG Kush that is just hitting their 8th week. and another 4 week old Vanilla Kush. Should be a good take this run. Couple pounds, I expect, maybe more. 30-40 zips. We'll see.

I'll pick a plant for the contest, see where it goes. another 2-3 weeks, I'll have some nice frosty Vanilla kush bud shots. I train all kinds of ways as well as grow different styles. But to achieve large yields. In hydro or soil, I main-line. Just so easy. All up front training, top only 3 time to get 8 mains.

I let the plant grow up to the 6th or 7th node and top down to the 3rd node, so the plant can establish a good root system. That's the first top, to obtain two mains. I veg till growing vigorously again usually a few days. I than top the two mains for my second topping. Which gives me 4 mains. Let veg till recovery, a few more days. I than top all four mains for the 3rd and last time, to get my 8 mains. after each topping from the first to the last top i strip the plant of everything except the new mains and the two leaves attached to that main. Each time I top, I grow back, till done 3 times and every time I top her I strip the plant of all leaves, each time, leaving just the new mains and two leaves on each new main. Between each topping and stripping I LST her into a star type of shape. and than I let her go for 2-3 weeks just filling in and working on those mains, only because I stripped all growth, so she only has the mains to work on. So, ya a little stressful for the first month. But after that, well, you see how they turn out.

I use a simple tomato ring at 14" above the soil bed. When my plant grows 3 to 6 " above the ring, or 16 to 20" I send her into flowering. and i wind up lst training 6 colas to the outside of the ring, leaving two in the center, They all grow vertically at the same pace, mostly. if one gets a little taller, I simply, slide her around the ring some till that cola is the same height as the others. Very little work after all the topping, just basically adjusting the colas into position, for about two weeks into flower, till after the stretch. and shortly after that you win the prize! LoL, OK, I was rambling must be high....

Stay Safe and Lifted JadeKush


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Just a few shots, while i have a minute or two, to update. Getting ready to feed, when i finish this entry. The Vanilla Kush, have been drinking it up. I water and feed every three day's alternating, nutrients. I'm almost at full strength with the foxfarm trio. Except, for the tiger bloom at half strength on that. But i haven't alternated ph straight h20 and nutrients. I just been straight up giving nutrients. They seem to want more. Early on in veg and mid veg, they didn't want/require any nutrients, for 20 days. in FFOF and Happy Frog blend, is sufficient, to sustain this grow early. But at the 7th, 8th week, I noticed they required more nutrients, a lot more. So, I made that change to full time nutrients. The vanilla kush is packing it on fast IMO. With just one dose of tiger bloom. one week into flowering. She's the smallest too. I let her sister's go 7 weeks in veg. and it shows, on the Vanilla. Super vigor on that strain. and Super thirsty for nutrients, right now.

I don't know if I should increase or not right now. I usually on a new strain, have a clone, that i test my nutrients on, you know too much, to little, how far to push in veg and flower. how much is to much, stuff like that. But i had back to back to back grows, start in august. and didn't take a tester, no room and been real busy. so, I am going to increase, just slowly. Having a strain, to test on, is, IMO great. lets me see whats up, on strains, I haven't grown or fed before. Or when adding new types of nutrients to the regimen, like an overdrive or cha-ching, beastie bloom, top-maxx, whatever, or change all together. Test dummies!!


This is one of her sisters, I let go a wek longer, on an 8 main-Line

Stay Lifted JadeKush


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

I main-line pretty much all the same, Only certain strains can handle the stress and produce over 4 zips. I have never main-lined Vanilla kush, before. But just from training, other plants like that, I can take a good guess. Anyway I start training, as, soon as I can. The length of veg time depends the strains I run, Of course. But mostly, the time added, for me. Main-lining, is about 2 weeks. So, I veg till their 20-22" however long that takes me, so be it. I set a tomato ring, to help separate the colas, and to find the best spot for them to stay after the stretch. They grow pretty even naturally, training like this. I'll attach, 6 colas, when doing an 8 cola, Main-line. to the outside of the ring and I leave two in the middle. great to help with mold, if you have a strain prone, I have never, but...

They finish between, 32-38" Long, full, colas, from bottom to top. They develop, that concentrated growth structure on the colas, in training. I leave nothing but the head of the tops and the two adjoining leaves. everything else gets stripped from the plant. So, each time I top, The first to the 5th If I'm doing a 32 main cola. gets stripped down each time each topping. Till the last one, than I let her go for 2-3 more weeks. Of course, between each topping, I veg her till, she's growing vigorously again. But strip it all, unless, it, was the last topping. I'll defoliate, all through flowering, I'm not afraid to cut shit out the way, even multiple, leaves, fans anything covering bud points. I'm not on the fence about removing leaves, i remove, whatever I feel needs to go.




Cant, remember, but just over 3 weeks veg with this girl.

But the finishing width is over 3'. Especially when i put the 8-16 Colas, however many. on the actual, outside of the tomato ring. Almost horizontal, open up nice. They turn tight back up. I run a screen on a 32 main cola. I keep them low 24" maybe.... all run under the screen, fills up very nice. very fast after the last topping, I'll typically run 3- 4 plants with 32 main cola, Main-line in a 5x5 with two 600 watt Apollo Conversion lights. and I have A dominator 2x LED system I run concurrent for supplemental light, with the HPS, System. Both Organic, soil. Or DWC hydro. So, I could of just said the short of it. But Insomnia is here and I'm drinking coffee, And doing some amnesia haze dabs.. Good Morning.

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re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Here's one of my younger Vanilla kush. Main-lined for an 8 Cola Setup. Just feed her, Shes on the 5 th week of Fox Farms Trio Schedule. Also, Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz & Cha Ching, From Fox Farm. On the same schedule.
I use CAL-Mag and Super-thrive, in all my water.



Down In The Hole. You can see her mainifold, pretty good here. Built off of one node. The key to the efficient, growing method and nutrient, uptake :thumb:

So, that's one going into flowering. I have, so much going on, I really cant veg her any longer. I need the room. I took 6 new cuttings, 5 Vanilla Kush and one OG, and I dropped two more OG, in soil mix, last night. The popped in like 16 hours. I let them go another day in the shot glass. And planted yesterday. I have 5 Vanilla Kush in flower and 2 OG Kush. One Vanilla Kush Mother Plant on 18/6 And 8 Auto's on 20/4. I'm really trying to clear some out.

Here's an OG Kush, just going into flowering, with the others. I dont Main-line the OG, but I do 4way LST and top for 15 Mains.




Here they are next to each other. The Vanilla Kush towers over the OG, at the same age. Two different training methods though.


The cutting I just took the other night. Doing great. Temps 70-76 degrees, Humidity hovers between 50-60% I dome them for the first few days, when I don't use a cloner. Always, a good success rate. Simple. Cut, gel, drop.
I cut the bottoms off of solo cups and place them inside another solo cup with drain holes. The domes have air holes too. But that way I can see the roots and know exactly when their ready to go into some promix, sunshine #4 and other goodies.




These, I just finished.




The Vanilla Kush Mother.


Two OG Kush, just added,to the family.


Some of my shit I use...


Full House


Peace, JK


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

I use Olivia's Gel, Typically. And occasionally, a Powder. When I run my cloner, I just use some super-thrive in the bubbler.. They pop roots in like 10 days or less. but The cloner is full. So I went this way, for now. And waiting on some rock-wool to get here. So, I had to clone, straight in the soil. No, biggie, all the same to me. I have, some grow bro's, who need some new strains. I'm gonna surprise them with those clones.


re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Vanilla Kush, Pre flowering. Just hit her with some Bloom supz


Here's one of my favorite plants right now. The OG Kush.



She's in the middle of two Vanilla's in this tent.

I didn't like her to much at first, slow going. didn't want to cooperate in Mainline training, so early. But now, she's amazing. so, stout. with this strain, you have to wait till like the 3-4th week to really start training her heavy. She, will respond, so much better. I have a few clones off her. a week old. soon as they're ready, I'm dropping them to 12x12. see how they perform in single cola action.



re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Some Vanilla Kush Starting to flower. the mainline ones are trained for 8 mains. full colas from the first topping.
Strarting to sugar up a little bit.
Feeding the FoxFarm product line:
The main trio,
FoxFarm Cha Ching Soluble 9-50-10,
FoxFarm Open Sesame Soluble Fertilizer (5-45-19),
FoxFarm Beastie Bloomz 0-50-30,
Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses,
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
I follow all schedule feedings. Their at full strength now.and want more. Super, awesome, strain to grow. Barnye's Vanilla Kush

With other, products as well, "Rapid Start Rooting Enhancer 275ml, General Hydroponics",
Advanced Nutrients Organic Iguana Juice Grow
Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom
Running the combo's on all the autos too.
Run promix, FFOF, and Sunshine #4







Two Vanilla Kush And One OG Kush, from Dinafem, their freebees. Most of the hermed out, so be careful, if you get these freebees, pay attention.


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re: Barneys Vanilla Kush & DinaFems OG Kush

Hey Jade, love the main line technique for sure.

I think I'll give this a go on my next round!

I too am growing a vanilla kush from Barneys Farm and cannot wait until the end. Subbed in, better late than never!
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