Bean Soup with Cannabis Tips

Tiger Balm

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Acquire cannabis tips by clipping short the leaves of the clones you just took.

To Make Soup
In big fry pan, chop and saute large red onion, and some garlic.
Add big can (35 oz) of tomatoes in juice
small can (15 oz) of black beans
small can (15 oz) of cannellini (white beans)
tabasco sauce
Chop and add cannabis tips.
Heat through and eat.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm :roorrip:
I reckon this be nice without the beans but then spose cant call it bean soup eh? lol Nice work tho Tiger, another bookmark for me :)
Nice vegitarian chili, could i recomend adding some bacon and mushrooms and ground beef and kidney beans. Plus chili powder, red wine and a bit of hashish.
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