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Hello spent a week in Amsterdam and now I'm hooked on the hobby to grow my own!

Bought some seeds in Amsterdam, the seller said they were real easy to grow. The seeds i bought was Easy Bud!

I've been thinking where to grow my Easy buds and i was thinking maybe in the closet. Or maybe in my storage on the second floor, not sure about the storage because its not isolated and not very high because of the roof. And i was thinking to build my own Wood Growbox,

Measures: 100cm high, 40 cm wide and 50 cm deep.

I took the measurements from my closet so it will fit in there. I dont want a big growing room just a little hobby growing box.

Is it a good idea to build this?

The build have to be really stealth because my landlord is my neighbour. And i have people wall to wall to me.
So in this box i was thinking a Fan with a Carbon filter and 2 CLF lamps with a timer and a fan speed regulator.

Also what material do i need on the walls inside the box?
What do i use to seal the growing box? at the edges i mean.


Strain - Easy bud White indica x ruderalis Blend: 15% sativa 55% indica 30% rederalis
# of Plants - 1 to begin with
Grow Type - Soil dont know any mixes
Grow Stage - haven't started yet
Bucket Size - Don't know, help?
Lights - I was thinking 2 watt 120 maybe?
Nutrients - Don't know need some tips.
Room Temperature -22 - 24 celsius
Room Square Footage - Growing in a box, does this matter?
Pests - None Known

I'm new to all growing, I haven't grown a flower in my life, That's why all this is really blurry

Thanks / Dampe


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Welcome to 420.

I highly recommend building your own box if you have the skills and tools. We have a lot of DIY projects here on 420 including a DIY carbon filter, just do a search for what ever you are looking for.


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I have the skills and tools to build the box, but i dont know about the filtering part never done anything like it but how hard can it be?

devils letuce

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if u have the skills and tools u would definetly be better off doing it yourself .. u will save money and have exactly what u need . use this sites diy section
Do It Yourself

and here is the section on closet setups.
Cabinet, Closet, & Grow Room Setup

u can use this on your walls it works great SunFilm Black & White Panda Film 10ft X 50ft Roll 5.5 mil

Waterproof poly film that is black on one side and white on the other can be used for growing areas. Sunfilm Panda Film works well as a reflective film (reflects 90% of the light back to the growing area) or as a room partition. This is a very heavy duty film for a variety of uses.


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Hey Dampe,

Drop the carbon filter and just buy some ONO its the strongest stuff on the market. Leave windows open as well. and buy $1 smell good candles from any store place them threw out your house/apt. Its the cheapest and best way to do this. Carbon filters could fail and make to much noise with the fan and all. Saves you space also. Less things to handle.


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But I can't have my windows open always, it gets pretty cold on the nights, i live in Sweden
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