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Black light Discussion


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So I have been reading up on the whole black light thing. a lot of ppl have went on an on about how it doesn't work an how it it does work. well I'm gonna try this out cuz hell wat four a few extra buds hurt lol. So mainly I have my 5 cfls an the black light (1CFL-30w=125w, 4CFL-23=100w black light=13w). I'm on the 18/6 an I turn the black light on every day an night for n hour or two. So far its been almost a week an man have they grown. in my signature there's a link with pics of how they looked before the black light. an these are the after pics two days after. Now mind u the plants are 2 months old. now u can't say it don't work cuz is obviously is doing something good. well I just wanted to share this info with everyone. hopefully I can help someone an they can help me. oh an don't try just the black light. Peace an blaze trees. well the pics gonna have to wait. but most likely tomorrow. stay tuned an any advice to help out my progress??

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Re: black light special ;)

Black light only put out uv light so not for gorwing. What uv is good for is the last 4 weeks of flower to help with risen production


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Re: black light special ;)


They are mixed up but hopefully u can tell which is which. But they are 2 months almost 3. They looked like the pics in my other post. an the only thing i've done different is the black light. Think I got something good going.
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