BlueChem Test Grow


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Start 7 june, the seeds came up after 4 days.

Soil is a 12ltr mix of use indoor soil 30 %, garden soil 40 %
and home made compost 30 %.

1 week

2 weeks


Almost 3 Weeks


New pics next week :ciao::ciao:
re: BlueChem Test Grow

great looking plants, theyre growing nice and fast.
one question, do you have drainage holes in your pots?
The blueChem's are growing for 4 weeks now. They grow really fast,
already making leaves whit 7 fingers,doing there best to get
real bussy whitout topping and they smell so good.




But i have a leave problem on one of them, i'm not sure what it is,
i'm afraid that this plant is infected whit tmv.



This plant is in isolation from now on,in the mean time i'm tring to
find the answer for this plant.

Ending whit 3 plants this week

Oke the plant in isolation is back.(A lil bald)
No Mtv but the wheater was the reason of the spots.
It can happen when hot wheater turns in cold wheater whit a high humidity.
Named corkspots.


Plants are 5 weeks now and they are growing incredible fast.
I don't think I need to top this plants when i look at this.



But I like variety and whit 3/4 weeks grow left it is possible
that I'm gonna top or fimm 1 or 2 plants.


see you;)
plants are looking nice, great green growth. should turn into little monster when flowering hits.
I could not help but notice your growing journal and your wonderful plants that are looking great by the way. I am just wondering what soil you are using and what fertilizer you are using. Also if there is anything else that you are using if you could let me know. I am a first timer when it comes to growing outdoors, and I just want to know what all I need to grow outdoors. Also if there are any other tips that you could share with me so I could have a great grow. Well get back to me mate.
Thanks :)

Read my first post about the soil. I never used any extra products, just giving back what the nature gives me. Good sunny spot is important and of course reading a lot I saw a good topic on this forum for first time growers.

Good luck
Wooohooo ... who is here ... :cheer: is that SnsieNL ... :grinjoint:
hey, they looks fantastic. :nicethread:

I find two phenos too, just that branching pheno is amazing bush right now.
You know me, I wait for harvest than will made vid about it.
Do you like smell of BlueChem ?

huh I must reg myself just to hit this couple words.

Will watch progress :popcorn:


Thxs and exactly. Just watch your outdoor grow , lovely. Can't wait to see them bud.


Hey my dear youtube friend, good to see you here.:welcome:
Answer you tommorow whit the new update.
Can't say nothing about the smell, i have a cold.
but friends say, they smell a sweet aroma.

Week 6

We had terrible weather this week, rain, rain thunder storms and wind. But they survive and still growing.

Plants on a safe place,...still rainy


Looks good.


Safe lading place for bees


And this is what outdoOrmaster means he also doing a test grow whit BlueChem


6 weeks, creating 9 fingers, getting real bussy
and i think i can see why this strain name is BlueChem.


See you next week.

Ps@HazeSeeker : Thx for the rep had no idea what that was.
plants are looking better every week, its cool to scroll down the page and watch them get bigger and bigger. have your plants shown sex yet? the last one looks to have the structure of a female.
much luck
@greenmonkey: No not yet and we have the same thoughts about that last one, it's a beauty. We have to wait. :cool:

@bols24: Thank you

@CharlieMopps: I can't decide what to do, I topped 1 plant that was harmed by me trying to find out what those spot where. And the other looks to good, I let them go and see what they give.:yummy:

Here some pics to see it yourself.





Oh yeah, almost forgot. A bug found my plants. It was easy to trace them.
But i have no idea what it is, they make a kind of cocon into the leaves.
Removing by hand and tweezers score 7 so far.


Edit: After a search on this site I found out that I have Leaf miners.
hope i can control it by daily check.

DMN SnsieNL :goodjob:

I can imagine what will be if you run them outside but for real ... like 2006

I believe pheno what you got on last branchy picture is this plant :yummy:


Send me couple beans of BlueChem if you have hehehe ... joking hehe

cant wait to saw Buds :rollit:

damn bugs ... i hate that little creatures
Ok I just felt of my chair, what a beauty.
Good stimulation;)

I have 8 beans left, maybe i gonna try to do the same as 2006 next year.

Outdoor grow whitout bugs is no fun, love to hunt those little bastaards.
And put them on a safe place if possible.
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