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Moe's 2011 Outdoor Grow! Feminized Seeds!


Hey 420mag! I'm back for another outdoor grow!
Last year was rough and ended terribly after leaving the country for vacation. NOT gonna happen this year! I have been here the whole summer watching over my girls.

This year I have 3 plants growing : 2 feminized Swiss Cheese plants and 1 feminized Short Rider plant.
Soil: Flowering Soil from Pikes
Light: Sun (In the location I have my plants they get good sunlight from 7am-4:20pm.)
Water: Is coming from sink in house.
Neuts: Advanced Neuts:(B-52, BUD CANDY, BIG BUD)

My girls sprouted up on May 27, 2011.
My girls currently are at week 6 of Vegetation and are looking very healthy!!

Tomorrow I will get fresh pictures of the plants as they hit their 6 week mark!

Peace n POt
Glad to be back!


OKay guys the plants have hit week 6 in their vegetation!
So today I bring you the pictures of my 3 ladies.

This first picture is of my auto flower short rider. It has defiantly lived up to it's name:

Next up is Swiss Cheese #1 :

And finally Swiss Cheese #2:

This is just a quick update on the plants, I will be posting more detailed images of the plants just because there soo much to see :)


Hey guys just dropping in for an update on the plants.

Currently one day off from the 7week mark. I had topped the plants early on and the Swiss Cheese shot up. The short rider has spouted white hairs and is getting crystals.

The Swiss Cheese #1 has two arms :

Same SCheese #1 plant :

The SCheese #2 was also topped but this plant re grew where it was topped and grew out two more arms.:

Scheese #2 Plant :

Here is one shot of the auto flower- it has begun to flower white hairs :)

Ill keep you guys posted if anything comes up, but for now just letting my plants soak up the sun and grow, grow, grow!
See you guys for the next update.
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Hey guys I'm back with a update on my three ladies. They have reached week 10 in their growth and the auto flower is on its 2nd week of flowering.
I've snapped some photos of them to share:

Here's the Short Rider Auto flower, which is coming a long nicely and has spouted up lil hairs since last update.
Auto Short Rider:

Swiss Cheese #1 (black bucket) Side View:

Swiss Cheese #1 Top View:

This plant as well as Swiss #2 have began to sprout lil white hairs, GONNA BE budding very soon.

Swiss Cheese #2 Side View:

Swiss Cheese #2 Top View:

Well thats it for now:) I havent come across any big problems- just lil bugs on em from time to time, but hey their outdoors so I can't complain. I'll post as soon as I see signs of buds on the two Swiss plants.

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Whats good Moe!!!

Well it looks like your doing a lot better than last years grow already!!! how are they doing now??? i noticed you havent updated in about 2 weeks now!!! hope all is well!!!



hEys ! Just droppin in for a quick update:)
I've been super bizzy these past couple of weeks with the school year starting up again.. I've been working late and getting home past dark.... As for my gals the short rider seems just about ready to be cut down:)))) super excited for this. My 2 swiss gals are flowering up nicely and buds are coming in nicely. I will post pictures tomorrow when the sun is out. Itss been really nice to watch my girls grow, and being able to do it right this year (@astonr420). PEace and I'll see you guys tomorrow.


Here are the plants, coming along at week 13.

The auto flower is nearing its end and I'm planning on cutting it in a week or so.


I've removed some of little excess leaves off the auto flower as well as the two swiss plants.
Here is Swiss #1 top view:

I removed some leaves from this plant (Swiss #1):

Swiss #2 is growing nicely and the smaller branch in the middle is starting to crystallize. I did not remove as many leaves on this plant for experimental purposes.

Another shot of Swiss #2 (top view):

Im going to feed swiss #2 some of Advanced Neuts: Bud Candy, also for experimental purposes to see how the tastes in buds from the swiss tastes with it and without.

I havent had a problem with pests so far, and Im going to try to keep it like this, see you guys s00n.


Back with another update week 17
Swiss #2





Swiss #1




I have encountered some spider mites and one of the smaller nuglets had a nest on it which i removed. I have since used neem oil and dapped it on the leaves of the plants, but that only seems to have left the leaves with a slight blacking on them and more have dried on the tips of the leaves.

Everyday I check for spider mites and brush the leaves with scissors and flick off any I see, they just seem to keep coming back. Just concerned that the bud could be ruined if I don't prevent these little guys from coming any closer to my nugs.


Heyy plants have been done now for a few weeks. Here at the last pics taken right before harvest. (Lost the full plant pic of Swiss #1)

Swiss #2 :



Swiss #1:

Smokes soo smooth, no harshness or kick on the inhale or exhale. For my first homegrown I gotta give myself some props for completing my first grow :)))
As for weight off these plants got around a half oz per. Yes not a whole lot, but for my first completed grow I was just aiming for some nug to call my own.

As for future, I have been putting a lot of thought into a indoor grow. Been looking for a decent size space to fit a grow. My next step is to put together a tent with lights (gonna be a soil based grow) and have that up and running sometime after Thanksgiving, so be on the look out for a new grow journal. As for now I'm just gonna toke of this bud and invest more time in this new grow.
Peace n pot


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